Digital Website Design Tips For Business

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Digital Website Design Tips For Business

Tech drives the pace of business in the 21st century, and having a great business website is now a gold standard.  Your website is a constant work in progress, but the foundational design of your pages is something you want to get right from the very beginning.  

If you’re a new business owner, your website should be at the top of your to-do list.  Take some time now for research, and read through a brief overview of some website design tips that will get you started down the path to digital success. 

Navigation makes it easier

A good website is a website that anyone can figure out how to use.  You want users to have no trouble understanding how to navigate your website, so they are free to explore all you have to offer.  

Setup a stationary navigation bar to structure your layout and make it easy for passing visitors to find what they need.  Check out the navigation bar on this municipal surface water treatment website.  The design element is simple and familiar to all.  

Utilize the concepts of SEO

Dig into the concepts of search engine optimization as you work on designing your business website.  If you want your pages to be easily searchable, following the standards of SEO will help you achieve that goal. 

There is a lot to the whole of SEO, so you probably won’t learn everything in one day.  Take the time to digest all the umbrella term has to offer, and you will find success online.  

Build your pages for speed

Speed is the name of the game in the world today, and your website is no exception.  Build your pages to load with a quickness, so people don’t get impatient and move on.  

If your website doesn’t load within just a couple of seconds of a web user landing on your homepage, then you need to find ways to make it faster.  

Make communication priority

Make communication a part of your website design too.  The standard “Contact Us” page is great, but you need more opportunities for folks to make contact with your business.  

Add a simple email sign-up form on the homepage for convenience.  A phone number that is stationary like your navigation bar is also a good idea.  If your site has a blog, make sure readers have the ability to leave a comment.  

Optimize your design for mobile

Designing digital content to suit mobile users is a wise move since mobile users are the majority online today.  Mobile optimization will also help your pages rank better in the SERPs (search engine results pages).  

When you design content that works well on mobile and ranks high in the SERPs,  you will find the traffic you have been looking for.  

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