Red Dead Redemption Treasure Hunter Guide: Uncover Gold and Fame

Embarking on Red Dead Redemption’s Treasure Hunter Challenge is rewarding, offering players a chance to unearth hidden gold bars using cryptic maps scattered across the Old West. This guide takes you through each challenge rank, providing step-by-step instructions for beginners to unearth treasures and reap the benefits.

Within the vast expanse of the game, the Treasure Hunter Challenge stands as a testament to the game’s depth and complexity. It invites you to embrace the role of a treasure hunter, immersing yourself in the allure of discovery and the thrill of solving intricate clues. As you follow the guidance provided in this guide, you’ll not only unravel the enigmas hidden within the maps but also unlock a series of rewards that will undoubtedly enhance your gameplay.

With each challenge rank you conquer, the narrative of your journey unfolds. The step-by-step instructions cater to beginners, ensuring that no stone is left unturned and no puzzle remains unsolved. As you venture forth, you’ll uncover gold bars with an air of triumph, unraveling the secrets of each location and feeling the rush of accomplishment as you unearth these coveted treasures.

But the rewards extend beyond the glittering gold. As you progress through the ranks, fame will trail in your wake, adding a layer of recognition to your exploits. Moreover, the unlocking of new abilities and achievements will shape your character’s legacy, establishing you as a true frontiersman within the game’s immersive universe.

So, whether you’re taking your first steps into the world of Red Dead Redemption or are a seasoned gunslinger seeking a new challenge, this guide serves as your trusted companion. Prepare to traverse the rugged terrain, decipher the cryptic maps, and unearth the treasures that await beneath the surface. The Treasure Hunter Challenge is not just a quest for wealth; it’s a journey that adds depth to your experience, redefining your role in the Wild West and leaving a trail of legends in your wake.

Red Dead Redemption Rank 1: The First Encounter

Red Dead Redemption

Starting with Rank 1, your journey begins with a random encounter. You’ll rescue a treasure hunter NPC from bandits in an open area west of Armadillo. If the hunter survives, you’ll receive your first treasure map and progress to Rank 2. If not, you can loot the map from the fallen hunter.

Red Dead Redemption Rank 2: Rhodes’ Gold

Red Dead Redemption

Make your way to “The Hanging Rock,” north of Armadillo. Spot a pile of rocks amid the rock formation and inspect it. A cutscene will reveal a lockbox containing Rhodes’ Gold, worth $150. You’ll also gain 20 Fame, unlock Rank 3, and acquire the next treasure map.

Red Dead Redemption Rank 3: Jackson’s Gold

Red Dead Redemption

Head east of Fort Mercer to Del Lobo Rock. Follow the road from Riley’s Charge. A narrow path between rock formations leads to a pile of rocks on a cliff side. Interact with them to get Jackson’s Gold worth $188, 20 Fame, the next rank, and another treasure map.

Red Dead Redemption Rank 4: Calhoun’s Gold

Red Dead Redemption

Explore the house on the western edge of Tumbleweed, south of Gaptooth Ridge. Locate the basement entrance at the back left corner. Inside, find a skull above a rock pile. Investigate it to uncover Calhoun’s Gold ($225), progress to Rank 5, and earn 20 Fame.

Red Dead Redemption Rank 5: Tubman’s Gold and Stagecoach Privileges

Red Dead Redemption

South of Plainview, near Rio del Toro, lies your next destination. Look for a pile of rocks by a river-facing rock wall. Reveal Tubman’s Gold, worth $262. You’ll also gain 20 Fame, unlock Rank 6, and access free stagecoach rides.

Red Dead Redemption Rank 6: Brown’s Gold

Red Dead Redemption

Travel east of Punta Orgullo, between Puerto Cuchillo and Crooked Toes. Climb a prominent rock formation and interact with the pile of rocks at the top. Open the lockbox to discover Brown’s Gold ($200), 20 Fame, and the next treasure map.

Red Dead Redemption Rank 7: Douglass’ Gold

Red Dead Redemption

Southeast of Chuparosa, near Ojo del Diablo, is your next target. Find a large rock arch hidden beneath rocks atop a ledge, Douglass’ Gold awaits. Selling it yields $338, alongside 20 Fame and the next map.

Red Dead Redemption Rank 8: Garrison’s Gold

Red Dead Redemption

Head west of Roca de Madera and follow the cliff’s edge. Ascend a narrow path and discover a lockbox beneath rocks at the path’s end. Garrison’s Gold ($450) is your reward, along with 20 Fame and the next treasure map.

Red Dead Redemption Rank 9: Pickett’s Gold

Red Dead Redemption

West of Blackwater in the Great Plains, locate the distinctive “Broken Tree” in an open field. Investigate rocks between rock walls near the tree to reveal Pickett’s Gold ($600). Garner 20 Fame and the final treasure map.

Red Dead Redemption Rank 10: Stonewall’s Gold and Triumph

Red Dead Redemption

Your journey culminates north of Tall Trees. Follow a path branching north from the main one. Reach the mountain’s peak to uncover a cavern. Open the lockbox beneath rocks to reveal Stonewall’s Gold ($750), gain 50 Fame, acquire the Treasure Hunter’s Satchel, and attain the “Frontiersman” Achievement.

This guide demystifies the Treasure Hunter Challenge, guiding beginners through each rank and treasure location. Discover hidden riches, unlock achievements, and become a legendary treasure hunter in Red Dead Redemption’s immersive world.

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