Things you need to know about email, if you work in Bitrix24


Email is one of the most efficient means of business communication for various business sectors. It provides an opportunity to exchange not only text messages officially, but also different types of files, the mail services can also be integrated with any business software. There is no doubt that the connection of various services is useful for your business. There are numerous platforms for optimizing any type of activity. The Bitrix24 set of tools is one of them. 

Regarding email service connection

If you are about to order bitrix 24 crm integration, you will need to know about various specifics of the email connection in advance. You can always connect to any email service via Bitrix24 for its further use within common corporate goals. There are no issues with this in the Bitrix24 cloud service. You can add an account for automatic mailing, customizing the business processes, and for other means. Every user is able to connect an unlimited number of mailboxes to the system, send and receive emails from various senders. However, there is one particular feature in the on-premise edition of the Bitrix24 that has an impact on the common working processes with the mailing services — you can use only one email.

Why is it that an email will not work with the on-premise edition?

Issues with sending emails from the self-hosted happen when you try to connect any other email with another domain that is different from the one used to register on the Portal. That is due to the SMTP server settings. The domain name impacts the possibility to connect additional emails. The only ones that can function properly are those located in the initial service. If you use the on-premise edition of Bitrix24 and are confronted with this problem, we can offer a solution using a module. 

This module widens the possibilities of the SMTP server.

Our company has provided solutions for a number of requests from our customers. When an issue of this type happened, our developers came up with an effective solution from Avivi bitrix24 support and developer company. The SMTP module, developed by us, allows connecting an unlimited number of any mail services to Bitrix24. The module does well with the updates and will even work upon the upgrading of the software. Any employee within the company can connect an unlimited number of mailing addresses and choose the appropriate mailing address when needed. Thus, the module provides the same capabilities when working with the email as the “cloud edition” of Bitrix24.

What’s important to note?

If you have the self-hosted edition of Btirix24, remember the ability to just use only one email. Customers are rarely aware of this issue when buying it, therefore it will occur after the purchase. It’s worth mentioning, that this is not an error or a flow of Bitrix24, this is a tech spec of the product. However, with our assistance, every aspect will work in the way you need it to.

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