5 Important Traits Of An Effective Property Manager

5 Important Traits Of An Effective Property Manager

Managing property is an important skill for anyone. All those in this field must have the ability to get things done and get it done quickly. A properly managed property is one that will generate income for the owner each month without fail. It’s also one that allows the owner of the property to keep it in good shape and keep the property’s tenants happy. If you are in the process of interviewing Ipswich Property Managers, there are certain things you’ll want to keep in mind. You’re looking for someone with the experience you need who can get things done to your satisfaction. You’re also looking for someone who has the ability to communicate well and handle any emergencies when they arise. A manager with such qualities is going to ensure that your properties are kept up and allow you rest as you collect rent from well-chosen tenants.

Experience Counts

The process of managing properties takes a lot of time and effort. Over time, people learn a great deal about how to make it all work. If you are looking for a property manager, you’re going to want someone who knows what they’re doing and can get it done well. A good property manager is someone who has at least a year or more of experience directly working with all kinds of properties. Good references are truly imperative. A property manager should also ideally have at least several years of directly working onsite dealing with tenants.

Communicating Well

Communication is imperative. A good manager is someone who can communicate with your tenants. They’re also someone who can communicate with you as needed. If you own property that’s a long distance away, you’ll need someone who knows how to convey what’s happening when you’re not there. They should be comfortable using all sorts of media. That includes working with social media as well as being able to compose a well-thought-out email detailing any issues that happened during a specific time frame such as a week, month, or quarter. Ask the manager to write up a mock report indicating what details from a chosen generic scenario. That can show you how they’ll respond once they’re on the job.

Good People Skills

People skills are hugely important when working as a property manager. Property managers not only manage the property. They manage people. A good property manager is going to be able to speak with everyone on the property. They’re there to act as your eyes and ears onsite. They should be able to vet prospective tenants and determine if they are the right fit for the property. A good manager can also help promote the property. For example, they can help with advertising copy. They can also give tours to potential renters. Look for those who demonstrate enthusiasm and a sense of respect for the process of managing real property.

Knowledge of Property

Knowledge is the essential foundation of any profession. Real estate is no different. A good real estate manager is someone who has lots of knowledge about the property. They should know about local laws that might pertain to all aspects of management including the rights of tenants and the rights of property owners. A manager should also know how houses and commercial property are constructed. That means knowing the difference between what materials are used in the construction process. It also means knowing as much as possible about the local property market. Ask them detailed questions about the state of the regional housing market.

In a Crisis

Sometimes unexpected emergencies arise. A pipe can freeze. There may be a fire. A tenant can slip and fall. An effective property manager is someone who can stay calm and collected during any crisis. Provide scenarios where something might go wrong. Ask them how they would respond to a tenant with a health issue or what they would do if someone breaks into the property. They should be able to indicate what they will do in the event of a clogged toilet or a problem with the lock to the lobby. Thoughtful answers are a must for any prospective property manager.

By: Raymond James

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