Regaining control of your sexual desire: What you can do?


Libido refers to psychic energy or drives with a predominant effect on sexual desires. An indicator of sexual health, libido depends on physical, social, emotional, and mental status. Hormones like testosterone and neurotransmitters such as dopamine play an influential role in libido and overall motivation.

As you age, sexual desire reduces, and a dip in sexual performance often follows. For instance, erectile dysfunction is more frequent in men, especially in their advanced years. Similarly, the aging experience is different, and one may not enjoy sex as much as they did in their younger and more active years. Therefore, one has to make adjustments to these changes.

How Do Low Hormone Levels Affect Sexual Desire?

In both males and females, there are many hormones responsible for sexual desire. Some of the more common hormones include estrogen, oxytocin, progesterone, vasopressin, and testosterone. As long as these hormones are at adequate levels, the physiological and psychological conditions necessary for sex will proceed normally.

However, if hormone levels are low for age or medical reasons, individuals find themselves less willing to engage in sex. The reduction in libido may be either because the sex is uncomfortable, especially for women, or because one cannot fully erect or sustain an erection long enough for sex to occur. The latter occurs in men.

What Options Do You Have to Regain Control of Your Sexual Desire?

When the worst happens and you find your sexual drive declining, it should not be a cause for panic as long as you can identify the underlying cause. These methods are safe from a clinical perspective, and you can consult your physician to help you choose the best approach to take.

  1. Supplements

There is a wide range of male enhancement pills from synthetic and natural sources that can help revamp your sexual drive. For example, the Asian Red Ginseng can increase libido as well as counter erectile dysfunction in males. Similarly, the Fenugreek herb significantly elevated libido in both men and women.

Other dietary and herbal supplements claim to have an aphrodisiac effect, even though adequate scientific studies are not available. Before going ahead and using one such supplement, it is essential to consult your clinician lest you find it ineffective. The clinician should advise you on how and when to take it for its full effect.

  1. Hormone Replacement

Hormone replacement therapy is a viable alternative to counteract the effects of aging on libido. By replacing the hormones most active in sexual activity and health, you can notice the libido change. For instance, testosterone replacement can increase sexual drive amongst men. Additionally, human growth hormones can help make you more alert, increase your libido, and treat erectile dysfunction. The interesting fact is that it is possible to make HGH prescription online, which is available only for people with proven deficiencies.

  1. Habits and Lifestyle

A nutritious and healthy diet, preferably from natural sources and minimally processed foods, helps your physiological health by a significant measure. The goal is to avoid conditions that impair sexual function, such as heart diseases and metabolic syndromes like diabetes mellitus. Healthy diets also reduce an individual’s predisposition to conditions that impair sexual hormone production, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome.

  1. Activity and Sports

Staying active and exercising helps you maintain your sexual form and performance. Because exercise reduces stress, there is no production of the cortisol hormone that inhibits libido; hence the latter does not decrease. Because of the increase in flexibility and blood circulation that exercise offers, you do not have to worry about arousal failure.

  1. Emotions and Psychology

In many ways, arousal begins at a mental level before the physical manifestations. Countering low libido then becomes a matter of creating the mood and atmosphere for sex while being patient with your partner. Whether it’s being more communicative with your partner or setting aside time for each other, ensure that sex is not done out of a feeling of obligation.

In some cases, low libido may be because of anxiety, image, or esteem issues. In any case, getting therapy can get you back on track, whether alone or with your partner. Once you get in the right psychological state of mind, you find your body responding more quickly to sexual stimuli.

  1. Refreshing the Fire in Your Bedroom

Sometimes you may need to reignite your partner’s chemistry. Sex is better when you let the tension builds when the intimacy is separate from the usual. If you show your partner affection most of the time without waiting for them to do everything, you are more likely to have a satisfying sexual life. Or you can opt for a sex doll torso to spice up your bedroom activity – and if your partner is not in the mood for sex, it can be a satisfying alternative.

Sex, especially between couples, is not a competition, so it would be best if you did things your way by using rose clit sucker and not compare them to friends or neighbors. If you communicate well, then you will know what your partner prefers and what they desire, and you will find it easier to satisfy each other. Additionally, a healthy diet and exercise regimen ensures that you have the energy for many things, including sex, even at very advanced years.

For females, they have a couple of options to choose from, such as a Dildo or Torso Sexdoll in getting satisfaction in the bedrooms. In contrast, their counterparts may opt for Sex Doll, which is some sort of lifelike representation of their significant others.

Essential Things About Sex Life with Your Partner to Remember

A partner is often someone you choose to navigate life with, through the good times and the bad ones. Low libido should not cause conflict between partners because both stand to suffer the consequences either way.

Therefore, if it is finding solutions, it needs to be done as partners, with communication being as crucial as intimacy in keeping strong. Even though it may not happen overnight, increasing libido needs a couple to try various remedies while supporting each other throughout the way.

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