How to Choose the Right Yoga Mat for You

Yoga Mat

Choosing a good yoga mat is a matter of personal preference. Yoga has become a popular way of shaping your body in the past few years, reducing stress and enjoying good health.

One of the most attractive aspects of yoga is that you do not immediately have to invest a front yard in expensive equipment and clothing to start a program. In fact, you only need some comfortable yoga, to lose clothing, and of course, a yoga mat.

Both the clothes and yoga mats are available in many shapes, sizes, and colors. In buying your yoga mat, you should only deal with reputable yoga shops, one of which is Ana Heart Yoga Shop.

If you decide to take or practice yoga at home, buying a yoga mat yourself is important. A good yoga mat can make the difference between a successful or not successful exercise. Although plenty of yoga mats are available for sale in all sizes, colors, materials, and prices, it’s hard to choose which yoga mat is best for you.

It’s important to choose a yoga mat that suits you well. It is, therefore, important to inform you well before buying a yoga mat. You will build a relationship with your yoga mat over time. You do not want to slip while performing a difficult exercise. You must be confident that the yoga mat has sufficient grip to make sure you practice your asanas.

In the past, yoga practiced exercises and asanas in tiger skins and grass mats just on hard and dirty surfaces. Around 1960 the foundation was laid for the first yoga mat. This was the sticky mat that caused more grip and dampening. Since then, yoga mats have been further developed into the present large range of materials, thicknesses, and durability. Everyone met the same goal to have a comfortable surface without a smooth surface to practice their yoga exercises.

When it comes to deciding what yoga mat is best for you, it’s useful to understand what types of mats are. How they look, and what they are used for. In addition, it is important to know for what purpose you will use the mat.

What are important questions you can ask yourself before choosing a yoga mat?

  • How much money do I want to spend on a yoga mat?
  • What kind of yoga will I practice?
  • Do I prefer a certain color yoga mat?
  • How often do I use the yoga mat?
  • Do I travel a lot with the yoga mat?
  • How big am I? Do I need an extra long wide mat?
  • I’m sweating a lot, almost not at all.
  • Am I allergic to certain materials? For example, latex.
  • Is the environment important to me, and I want a mat that is 100% degradable?

There are various kinds of yoga mats, but in this article, we just explain one of the most popular ones, the PVC yoga mat.

The PVC Yoga Mat

This is one of the most commonly used yoga mats because it has a sticky structure that prevents gliding. This sticky PVC mat is usually between 0.25 and 0.4cm thick and has little sticky yoga mat damping. This mat is often used in combination with a cotton yoga towel for added comfort. The PVC mats are a good choice for people who are with yoga for the first time and who do not want to spend too much money. The mats are also suitable for Ashtanga Yoga because you stretch and bend a lot.

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