Some Popular Types of Yoga Mats Available on the Market

some popular types of yoga mats available on the marketIn this article we will discuss about some types of yoga mats available on the market. By reading this article we hope that you can choose the most suitable mat for your all yoga activities.

Extra Thick Yoga Mat

This extra thick mat is a variant on the sticky mat. These mats often have a double thickness over the standard sticky mat, which makes them considerably more comfortable than the sticky mat. They are available in a thickness of 0.5 and 0.8 cm. These mats are suitable for people who need more comfort and want extra support in performing challenging attitudes. One of the disadvantages of this mat is that they are significantly thicker and heavier and therefore more difficult to transport. Another disadvantage is that the thickness of the mat can make you feel less in contact with the ground because the mat is much softer. This makes it easier to balance your balance.

Rubber Yoga Mat

Nature rubber yoga mats are available in different thicknesses and give you a lot of grip on all shapes and styles of yoga. Rubber yoga mats were one of the first introduced mats in India. These mats were introduced by environmentally aware yogis. These natural rubber yoga mats do not contain any toxic substances. Usually, rubber yoga mats are made of biodegradable and recyclable materials. They have a very good grip making them extremely suitable for the exhausting yoga styles. Due to the natural materials, the mat has excellent damping, comfort and durability. This yoga mat is therefore very suitable for environmentally friendly yoga enthusiasts who want a lot of comfort.

A disadvantage of these rubber yoga mats is that they usually have a bad smell. This is a reason for some people not to purchase these mats. In addition to the bad smell, for people who suffer from latex allergy, the rubber mats are not recommended. Another drawback is that the mats are heavy and so less convenient if you want to transport them regularly.

TPE Eco Yoga Mat (Thermoplastic Elastomeric)

There are many developments in yoga mats. The TPE yoga mats are a great example of innovation in this area. TPE is a relatively new material that consists of synthetic rubber in the base. These TPE yoga mats are environmentally friendly and healthy to use because they do not contain PVC, latex or other toxic substances. A TPE mat provides sufficient grip and is easy to clean because it hardly absorbs moisture and water. With TPE yoga mats, you are less affected by the smell of rubber and yet comparable comfort and durability than those of a natural rubber mats. Another advantage is that the TPE yoga mats are more advantageous than the rubber ones. Because this material is still quite new to the market, no real disadvantages are known.

Whatever your choice, you need to buy your yoga mat from only reputable yoga shops. Base on our research, Ana Heart is one of recommended shops to buy from.

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