5 Technical Professionals Today’s Businesses Need Close at Hand

The business world has seen many changes in recent years. Various technologies that did not exist a few years ago, are now driving many of the world’s leading organisations. As a result of these developments, today’s business owners and decision makers rely on a whole new wave of technical professionals, who have the skills required to keep businesses secure, efficient and productive. Below are five different technical professionals, today’s businesses need close at hand.


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1. Software Developers

The role of software developers in the UK has changed over the years. As more businesses continue to harness the power of the internet, the latest generation of software developers is required to work on all types of IT and web based systems. It’s not always practical to have an in-house team of software developers, but a range of companies offer managed services packages, so that businesses have access to this expertise when it is required.

2. Mobile App Designers

The latest advances in mobile communications have made a wide range of organisations more efficient and improved their work practices. This move towards a more mobile world has also led to the creation of new mobile related positions such as mobile app designers.

A large number of businesses have created their own enterprise apps or they are in the process of creating these apps. These mobile apps have to be supported. Businesses in more demanding industries need to be able to react to the latest business developments, which means many apps need to be changed or upgraded by these professionals on a regular basis.

3. IT Security Experts

IT security is a key concern for modern business owners. The latest IT and web based systems are extremely advanced, but today’s hackers and online criminals also have sophisticated ways to cause untold damage to any type of business system. This is why IT security experts are required on a full time or part time basis to identify any security threats and ensure that every precaution is taken to keep business systems and data as safe as possible.

4. Network Engineers

A network engineer is required in most businesses to ensure that the IT infrastructure in that business is up and running at all times. If there is a problem with a business network, it can have serious consequences for a business, and a network engineer has to be able to fix the problem as quickly as possible. This role often includes fixing and maintaining hardware and peripherals too, as well as making sure all devices are safe from external threats such as hacking or viruses.

5. Database Administrators

Data is one of the most valuable assets in most businesses. This is why it’s vital to have at least one professional database administrator on your team. A database administrator maintains production databases, plans and develops new databases and carries out a range of data administration duties to ensure that all of a business’ data is safe, accurate and easy for authorised personnel to access.

The leading companies in any industry use the latest technologies to their full potential. They also hire the best people to take care of these technologies and this is something every business owner and manager should want to achieve.

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