7 Ways to Boost Your E-Commerce Sales

7-ways-to-boost-your-e-commerce-salesLately, E-Commerce has been the catalyst shaking and stirring the market for purchase, and with huge amounts of customers flocking every corner of the internet, being acquainted with the proper ways can help you hook as many customers as possible to your E-Commerce site. Increasing your sales is not necessarily a hundreds or thousand bucks deal – some small improvements, a few new tactics and efficient maneuvering can strike a big difference and give you all the perfect opportunities at increasing the sales by twice or thrice as much as your current rate, or even more! Knowing the perfect way matters. Let’s have a good look at these techniques:

1. Mobile Commerce (m-Commerce) Optimization

Along with a well responsive website, a good attention should be paid to mobile commerce optimization. Mobile commerce has been forecasted to reach $700 billion in 2017 and that really is big news! Given this circumstance, optimizing m-Commerce demands a user friendly mobile version of your website – make it easy for the customers rather than complicating the purchase process. From designing the website as fit for the mobile phone users, creating a simpler payment process to adding an easy checkout point, everything should be designed according to the user’s benefit. With the ever increasing rate of mobile users, it gives you a definite raise to your sales – one big move on to your quest to expanding the sales.

2. Setup Post-purchase Automation

Unknown to many online sellers, post purchase automation turns out to be really useful in upselling and cross-selling of your products. There are numerous helpful automation tools and software solutions like ELOQUA, Infusionsoft, HubSpot, etc, out there for boosting your sales. These marketing automation tools setup “sequences” to educate and guide the customers into products according to their activities and searches. For example if a customer buys a DSLR camera from your E-Commerce site, the automation tools will suggest him to buy camera lenses, camera bags etc., thus making the customers attracted to other products resulting in further purchases. Marketing automation tool can be one of the most powerful tactics to rapidly raise your revenues.

3. Add Quality Product Description

One of the most important things to have in your E-Commerce site is a quality listing of your products. Customers are easily off and distracted if they do not find enough information about the products. Categorization of products is also important in this. Starting from the materials used to make the products, their utilities and prices to using quality pictures, all these can help raise your sales to or above your expectation. Highlight your featured products separately, for example – Kandypens a, vape pen brand, highlights it’s signature products separately from their regular products. You might also consider using videos or slides to show your best products to the customers and let them know about the details. Having a best sellers category would further the process, just to let you know.

4. Use Facebook Exchange and Facebook Open Graph Protocol

Facebook is the biggest social media site with the largest amount of users. This site provides you with an excellent platform for gaining new customers on an everyday basis and is adequately effective for increasing sales. There are small online businesses which run just through a Facebook page and yet, they are making more than a physical shop out there. So, you can guess the value of using Facebook as a medium.

For E-Commerce sites, Facebook exchange can raise the sale by reducing dropped carts; Facebook uses a cookie to show an advertisement on the homepages of potential customers who have previously dropped a cart to finish their purchase. Standard Facebook ads and promotions can be extremely effective if merged with this. You can also use Facebook open graph protocol which will allow you to advertise particular products according to your wish rather than showing them by default. Thus, using Facebook can boost your sales beyond your imagination.

5. Provide Multiple Payment Methods and Delivery Options

Customers want a user friendly experience at any E-Commerce site more than anything else. Providing more than just one payment method and delivery option is one of the ultimate ways to keep your customers engaged. Make sure that customers can pay with Paypal, credit cards, by cash on delivery or any other convenient options; limiting the payment process will only limit your sales. Along with this, offer the customers with multiple delivery and shipping options such as Overnight, International, Ground and other shipping options according to their desire. In-store pick up can also be very useful in the process.

6. Generate more Product Reviews

It is important to keep in mind that customers always want the best deals. Along with checking the seller’s stature, they will seek to know about the product reputation too. Providing them with honest reviews or customer feedback can work like magic. While comparing the products online, a potential buyer might purchase a product when they did not want to, or reject against their will, basing just on available reviews on the particular product. E-Commerce sites like John Lewis, Amazon, Berry Bros. & Rudd etc. use this method and it is surely paying them back excellently.

7. Add Login with Social Media and Optimize Auto Responders

Customers go for easier signups. They are most likely to sign up for a site if they can simply do it with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google plus etc. which are less troublesome and saves up time. Sellers should also optimize email confirmation and send out auto responders to a customer, thus confirming them about their purchase with product details. Sending out emails can greatly contribute to the upsells and cross-sells as well. E-Commerce has, in various ways, made the learning and buying of products easy and pursuable for the customers. There are numerous ways, as you see, to improve your online sales and it is your place to decide what might work best for you. Being up-to-date, innovative and unique with a little blend of an opportunist by using every possible way is the key to your increased sales on the internet market today.

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