A Fresh Approach: Ways to Remove the Wrinkles from Your Worn Out SEO Strategy

a-fresh-approach-ways-to-remove-the-wrinkles-from-your-worn-out-seo-strategySEO is an area that is constantly changing. One of the big mistakes of many businesses is thinking that they can optimize their websites and then enjoy all the traffic that comes their way, but it doesn’t work like this.

SEO is something you have to work on continuously. But it doesn’t always involve doing the same things over and over again. Sometimes you have to freshen up your SEO strategy and use new techniques to get better results.

Here are some ways to ensure you keep your SEO strategy fresh.

Keep Producing New Content

When it comes to small business marketing, SEO is crucial—and content is the backbone of SEO.

Keep producing content on a regular basis. Hire someone to write it for you if you don’t have time yourself, and make it regular. Try to publish a new blog post once a week at least.

Google loves fresh content, and new content gives you something to share with other people, add more keywords to rank for, and generate more backlinks.

Experiment with New Types of Content

As well as publishing articles on your blog and elsewhere, experiment with other types of content. Some people prefer to access their content in different ways. For example, videos are very popular, especially on mobile devices where they are often easier to watch than reading an article on a small mobile screen.

Others include infographics, podcasts, images, polls, etc. So try out different things and find out which gets the most engagement from your audience.

Keep Up to Date with the Latest Trends

Get into the habit of reading up about the latest trends in SEO. There are some great websites that publish expert advice on how to get the most from your SEO, and you can also find out about the latest Google algorithm updates like Penguin.

Ensure you are following all the latest best practices rather than doing something that could harm your SEO efforts.

Know the User Intent Behind Your Keywords

User intent is something to focus on as well. While SEO involves getting your web pages to rank highly for specific keywords, you don’t want to ignore the reasons why people are searching for those keywords in the first place.

Type your main keywords into Google and take note of the kind of results that come up. You may find that the results are more informational in nature, or more around making a purchase.

The user intent behind the keywords should guide the type of content you create. Then once someone lands on your website, they will find the type of content they are looking for, helping to increase your conversions.

Find Out How Your Competitors are Getting Links

Another way to give your SEO a refresh is to find out what your competitors are up to. There are a number of tools that you can use to find out where your competitors are getting backlinks, like Moz’s Open Site Explorer.

Use this to find out where the links are coming from, and this can give you some more ideas for how to find new links for your own site. You may find some great ideas here that you had not thought of previously, and this can help to freshen up your SEO strategy.

Look into Other Social Media Platforms

Social media is one of the big areas to focus on. It is a great way to share your content, increase your shares and get more links, and social signals are also important for SEO.

Rather than sticking to big networks like Facebook and Twitter, experiment with others. You may find that your target audience is more active on a smaller network, or that you get more engagement on a visual social network like Pinterest. This can lead to a new source of traffic and links to help your SEO.

Research New Keyword Trends

Always keep an eye on your keywords and find out about the latest trends and new keywords that you should be focusing on. It doesn’t take long, but it can make a big difference to your SEO, and it can help you to keep your strategy up to date.

Keep Your SEO Fresh

SEO never stays still. New techniques come out all the time, and Google changes is algorithm constantly. If you want to stay at the top of the SERPs for your keywords, you need to keep a close eye on your SEO and the strategies you are using.

Shake up your SEO with these tips. Keep your content fresh, try out new things, and ensure you keep on ranking highly.


Don Roberts is nationally recognized as being one of the most sought after search engine optimization experts in the business community. He is well known for creating profitable Internet marketing promotions that significantly increase brand awareness and sales by making businesses more findable online

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