How Has The Internet Changed The 21st Century?


The internet has become a feature of our lives around which they revolve, whether we like it or not. Unless you happen to live in the middle of nowhere and have absolutely no access to media, not a day goes by that we don’t encounter it. It has truly changed the way we live our lives and mostly it is for the better. Everything in the past sixteen years has suddenly become so much more convenient as we have discovered even more means of utilizing the internet’s capabilities.

Our Methods of Working

From schools to companies, our means of gathering information has completely changed thanks to the internet. What used to take a rigorous scour of pages upon pages of written information to find now can be accessed and summarised almost immediately. Computers now have a dominating presence in schools and children that don’t have access to the internet would likely be unable to match the learning pace of their classmates. Most organizations heavily rely on the internet to find and share information and communicate with co-workers and clients. The internet is also a tool that has become an integral element of advertising. Companies that don’t advertise on the internet or have an online present miss out on most of the market and likely would be unable to achieve anywhere near as much success as a company that is heavily involved with internet activity.

Our Technology

Nowadays, most things are connected to the internet and it has completely changed the way we live our lives. IoT Research has shown that the value of the Internet of things goes further than just connected devices, through the habits that we live by and how this affects our businesses with Business Process Management Softwares and our personal lives. On the way home from work a woman uses her phone to turn on her central heating. At the same time, an elder male’s pacemaker is telling the computer at his hospital that his heart rate has slowed down. Almost everything is accessible in seconds. We are in control of practically everything we own. For people with disabilities or physical difficulties, this kind of technology has probably improved the quality of their lives tenfold. An elderly woman that has difficulty standing can use the internet to turn off the lights in her house when she goes to bed. A man at work can access his home’s CCTV camera to check on his disabled father. The internet is helping us find solutions to everything that used to put a stop to us living our lives freely.

Our Relationships With Others

A lot of our means of communicating with other people at the moment are reliant on access to the internet. One of these especially significant means of communicating would be social media. Anyone presently belonging to a younger generation who doesn’t have a social media count of some kind would likely find it difficult to be included as often as their peers that do have one. The internet puts people in constant contact, giving them a platform to talk to their friends or simply express their opinions to an audience. The internet has also completely changed the modern dating game. Online dating sites allow people to meet and connect without needing to be physically present. Long-distance relationships have now become so much easier to maintain because there are so many different ways to communicate with your partner through the internet.

The internet is a tool that is still helping us to shape our society and improve our quality of life. There are so many possibilities of how we can use it and there are still so many groundbreaking projects in progress. There is no telling how deeply ingrained the internet will be in the culture of our future society but we do know that there is still so much untapped potential we have yet to discover.

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