Scaling Your SEO Marketing Agency with Leads

scaling-your-seo-marketing-agency-with-leadsSEO companies cannot survive on just a few loyal clients over the long term. They should find new clients regularly and grow at a steady pace.

Even if a digital agency can keep loyal clients for years, many are limited to the profit they can make on the number of hours they sell to their clients. So in order to generate more revenue, an SEO agency needs to generate more clients.

Cold Leads vs. Warm Leads for Your Sales Team

You’ve probably heard it said that sales teams are only as good as the leads that they receive. Whether you have a solid, experienced team or an individual working to gain new clients for your business, it’s important for them to have warm leads. Warm leads are ideal because they have already shown interest in the products or services you provide.

In contrast, a cold lead may not even know what Search Engine Optimization is, let alone whether or not they need it for their company. Perhaps they’re perfectly happy with their website or they are already working with an agency. Either way, everyone can agree that cold calling hundreds or thousands of companies is not the best use of your sales team’s time or energy. For this reason, the best answer is to generate leads that:

  • Recognize they are in need of your services
  • Know how valuable your services are
  • Are already aware of the costs involved

Opening and Closing Warm Leads

A good SEO sales person will open a potential client’s website spend a few minutes researching the lead before making the call. The sales person wants to ensure that they know what the lead sells or offers, how well the site is optimized now, and what the top 3 keywords are for that website. This information is more than enough to pick up the phone and give them an initial call.

Once the sales person gets through to the lead with an introduction, they are reminded why they contacted an SEO agency to help them with their marketing needs. After that, it’s all about making a connection and listening to the needs of the client.

It is extremely rare to close a deal from a lead on the first phone conversation. The first call is designed to give the sales person everything they need to make a tailored proposal for the client to approve. So during that first contact, the sales person will have collected the following information:

  • Basic client contact information
  • Products, services, or offers
  • Top 3 competitors
  • Your competitive advantage
  • Top keywords the client wants to target
  • A budget for targeting these keywords

With this information, a sales person will be able to create a proposal for the lead that is relevant to their business. A well-written proposal will make it very easy for clients to say yes.

In the proposal, the sales person should include an introduction to your company with a description of your services as well as a light audit on what they are currently doing. Once the audit is complete, you can list out the practical steps you are going to take with a complete scope of your services. This will include a time frame for task completion and the total cost at the end of the proposal. The lead not only will be impressed with such an organized and structured approach, but it will also give them confidence in the SEO company and encourage them to sign.

Where to Purchase Warm Leads

Now that we’ve covered the process, it’s time to figure out where you’re going to get your warm leads. Of course, you want to make sure that your leads are prepped, high-quality, and likely to purchase your services.

That is exactly what does. They sell the excess warm leads to SEO agencies. generates hundreds of fresh leads every month for their own business, but since they can only handle so many new clients per month, they sell the remainder of the leads to other agencies. This allows them to focus on increasing their marketing initiatives by having campaigns that pay for themselves.

SEO and online marketing agencies from all over the world purchase these leads every month for their sales team to increase their revenue. The quality of leads is unmistakable. With, leads are already prepped with the knowledge that they need SEO services. They understand what SEO is, why they need it, and they have all been given industry pricing for various packaged services. This means that there is no sticker shock when your team sells to them.

The best part is that once a lead is sold, they never resell them again. This ensures that you are not competing with other SEO companies for the same client.

It’s time to scale your digital agency by gaining new clients. Don’t just grow your business, thrive. Contact about their premium leads today.

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