How to Effectively Advertise Your Property for Rental

landlord property rental tips guidesAs a landlord who wants to find tenants for a house, it’s important to advertise the full potential of your property. This is useful to attract prospective tenants and to let them know what to expect. Your goal as a landlord is to show your property is a cut above the rest. Your advertisement should scream, “rent me!” highlighting features that suggest the property is sought after.

There are various websites to advertise rental property for free, a useful advantage that helps you save money. It’s good to use specialist websites for support, especially considering they can provide additional leverage and help your property get attention in target markets. If your property isn’t advertised properly, people won’t be interested in renting it out.

If you’re a landlord who’s procrastinating over the best approach, here are some top tips for effectively advertising your property for rental:

Choose the Right Advertising Agent

There are multiple advertising agents to choose from, which makes the decision making process a difficult one. A great determinant of quality is the feedback left by landlords. If the agent in question has multiple positive reviews, this is a great indication of the likelihood of reaching a successful outcome. If you spend more than you’d bargained for on a top agent, you’re more likely to recoup the cost when you achieve positive results. Cheap and cheerful doesn’t always translate to the best deal. Spend as much on advertising as your budget permits, and remember you can’t put a price on greatness. Once you’ve discovered an agent who suits your individual needs and requirements, within budget, the next step is creating the advertisement itself.


What deters prospective tenants more than anything is a lack of photos on a property rental advert. How would you feel if you were looking for a room in a house, but saw no photo on the website? How are you supposed to know what the room looks like, and does the lack of photographic evidence cause immediate concern? Tenants have a right to see what they’ll get for their money, otherwise they’ll look elsewhere. Pictures need to be taken with a high-quality camera, to capture the best angle of each room and promote the property accordingly. Take a photo of every room, and include an accurate description in the captions. Take multiple shots, because this allows you to select the best ones possible. Each photo should accentuate and promote the best attributes, whether that’s size or location.

Every advertising post includes a primary photo, but this doesn’t have to be the outside of a property if it’s unglamorous. Why not go for a welcoming interior shot, or promote your spacious garden?

The Text of the Advertisement

There are a few golden rules to follow when writing a description. These include:

  • Don’t use all caps
  • Cut out abbreviations
  • Don’t use empty words
  • Aim text at your target market
  • Outline the type of tenant you seek
  • Showcase local amenities
  • Sell unique qualities
  • Give as much information as possible
  • Include your contact information
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