Tips for Writing a Great Online Ad Copy

Want to write a compelling and highly effective online ad copy that will attract potential customers in droves? Then refer to the tips listed below.

Reflect What the Target Audience Wants

The first rule of writing an online ad copy is show the users, don’t tell them. Don’t tell potential customers to click on your ad to buy a car or order food. No one clicks on an advertisement because they follow commands or because they think the ad is done nicely. Web users click on advertising links when they promise them something that they actually want. So, the goal of your ad copy should be to mirror what the users are seeking. This should be obvious considering the keywords you are using. You should carefully choose the phrasing in the copy to give your target audience what it really seeks. Consulting with a professional PPC advertising Australia company may help.

Choose a Unique Characteristic for Your Ad

In billboard ads, TV ads, and print ads, you may have stumbled upon a certain defining characteristic of the company. This is a slogan, a word, or a phrase that is unique to the company. For example, McDonald’s goes with “I’m loving’ it”. You need something similar in your online ad copy to stand out from the crowd, and also to appear memorable in the minds of the web user. For example, the brand Louboutin consistently uses the words “real” and “authentic” in their ads to separate themselves from knockoffs. Likewise, you will need to include a similar pitch in your copy.

Assess the Competition

Most marketers don’t think about this, but you do need to look at the online ads posted by your competition. Your ad copy should never look similar. It should stand out, mainly by using the defining characteristic tactic mentioned above. You can find inspiration in how your competition is writing their ads, but be careful not to duplicate what they are doing. In some instances, your ad might be able to present a more desirable alternative to what a competitor might be doing. In any case, don’t start writing without researching what the others are doing first.

Keep Copy Concise

There’s no reason to make the copy longer than it needs to be. You have only a fraction of a second to convince a user to click on the link. Therefore, keep sentences short and get straight down to the point. Web users are not big readers anyway.

Include a Tempting CTA

The call to action is really what makes an ad compelling. If you have a killer CTA, your ad will drive traffic like crazy. Even if the first half of the ad looks good, if the CTA falters, your copy will be rendered ineffective. When you formulate your CTA, try to think beyond the usual “buy now” or “click here for more” phrasings. Try to offer something more and immediate. Web users are mostly impulsive, so try to capitalize on these impulsive needs to click. It’s worthwhile to sit back and think about the sort of CTAs that will work best for your company and target audience.

Use the tips above to perfect your ad copy. Once you are done, use an ad extension to make the body text even more effective.  Also, do not forget to assess the effectiveness of the marketing campaign using ad metrics afterwards.

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