How to Choose the Right Tablet for Blogging and Business

how-to-choose-the-right-tablet-for-blogging-and-businessTablets aren’t just ideal for playing games or checking your email on the go. Their functionality and features have improved significantly in recent years, and many of them are excellent options for work, including people who work as bloggers.

Tablets can actually be a great option for bloggers and marketers because they allow them to keep track of things as they’re inspired thanks to their mobility, and when the urge to write or post strikes, tablets can make that easy as well.

However, not all blogs are going to be as good as others for bloggers, marketers or even just people who want to use the tablet for business in general.

The following are some things to consider as you choose a tablet as a blogger or someone who wants to manage digital marketing even when your’re without a laptop or desktop.

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Screen Size

If you want to control at least some of your blogging tasks from a tablet, one of your primary considerations should be screen size. Screen size is important when you’re working, and some of the smaller tablets aren’t likely to work well for you.

You might want to opt for an option like the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which a lot of people say is so good they can use it to replace their laptop altogether. It has the features of a laptop you love, with the mobility and versatility of a tablet.

A cool feature of this tablet? The Surface Pen, which is comfortable and is designed to feel like a real pencil. It’s almost like you’re writing by hand when you use it.


Another thing to consider when selecting a tablet as a blogger, particularly if your site is pretty dependent on images, is the display. The higher quality the display, the easier you’re likely to find your tablet is for working.

Along with actually writing posts, tablets can be the perfect device to manage and edit your photos, if the display is up to the job.

Options like the Google Pixel C are known for their high-resolution displays that are so clear and crisp that you once you’re finished editing the newest pictures for your website, you can move on to watching movies with total clarity.


Sometimes your tablet may be great not just for writing quick post ideas or managing your site, but also for doing things like taking photos. A key consideration when selecting a tablet as a blogger should be the camera capabilities.

You might not have your tablet camera replace your camera for all of your blog photos, but having an excellent camera can be good if you see something you’d like to add to your blog when you’re out and about.

A lot of travel bloggers also look for tablets with excellent cameras so they can manage all of their work on one device, wherever they might be in the world. The Apple iPad Air 2 is known for not only being incredibly lightweight and powerful but also having an outstanding iSight camera with features like panorama and timelapse videos.

Blogging is a job that’s about not being tied to a desk or one particular setting, and with an excellent tablet in your arsenal of tools you can make that even truer. You need the right tools to build a successful blog, so consider features and options like the ones above to make that happen.

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