Exploring the Current Web Design Trends – Cinemagraphs and More

exploring-the-current-web-design-trends-cinemagraphs-and-moreThe state of web design has changed dramatically over the past few years. Businesses have been forced to adapt to these changes, in order to maintain the profitability of their websites. Whether you run a multi-million-dollar company or have just created a startup, it is often wise to follow in the footsteps of those that have already achieved success. By replicating their activities, you too will be able to turn your website into a profitable venture. So, what are some of the most popular trends in the web design market? One of the hottest trends is the utilization of cinemagraphs. These are simple still images with very little movement.

These pictures are very similar to animated GIFs. They can feature a landscape, seascape or pretty much anything. And, since the file size can be minute, these pictures can be added without putting a great strain on your server. Cinemagraphs have become popular, because they’re very eye-catching and can capture the imagination. They’re far more effective than basic still images and will hold your visitor’s attention for far longer. Another thing that will become very popular during the next year is the aged-based responsive site design. At this point in time, the responsive design is primary associated with catering to tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

The aged-based responsive design will be far different. According to Rise Marketing, this trend is growing in popularity quickly and will soon become a way of life for web designers. This type of technique helps to ensure the website can accommodate those of all ages. Obviously, web designers wouldn’t want to showcase the same imagery to a 50-year-old that they would for an 8-year-old. With age-based responsiveness, it will be possible to change the website’s content to accommodate the age and maturity level of the user. This could prove to be very beneficial for retail websites, as well as others. Of course, the web designer will need to first convince the user to input their age and that may be trickier than you might imagine.

Millions of individuals are tuned into their smartphone more than the real world. There are many reasons why these individuals are turning to their mobile devices to conduct business, shop, and interact with others. With this being said, there is a high demand for mobile-based apps and websites, so online businesses and educational and search database-like websites are going to be forced to keep up. Wikipedia and CNET have already taken the steps to make their website more mobile-friendly. Websites that are not mobile-friendly will be left behind, with the possibility of being penalized by Google for not taking these actions before now. It may not be until 2017 for these effects to be felt, but in the meantime, mobile browsing continues to increase at a very rapid pace.

Custom graphics are also part of the going website trend. This is all due to the increase of bandwidth demand and cheaper prices. Today, webmasters are turning to unique images, videos, and stock illustrations. Also, designers and artists are now available to offer their services to webmasters. Custom graphics will be in high demand throughout 2017.

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