Evaluate the Workplace Performance of Employees with Advanced Software

time clocks software human resource managementManaging human resource is not as easy as you think it is. There are so many sectors that you need to cover that it is quite possible to forget any one of them. One of the most important parts is to keep an eye on the work efficiency of an employee. But, how will you be able to understand the efficiency if you are not the supervisor of that department. A small example will help understand; suppose 5 people are working in a factory and 4 people are working on the same project in 4 different rooms. They have been asked to cut paper in lots in 1 hour. After an hour, 3 out of 4 workers submit 50 papers each while the fourth worker submits 55. That means the fourth worker is more efficient than the rest. But, this will only come into the picture when an assessment is done. An outsider will not be able to understand the efficiency just on the basis of total count. In order to understand that efficiency and also to improve the overall work done, time clocks are being used by human resource managers. These clocks are excellent time trackers and not like the clocks that you see daily. They are so advanced that you can calculate an employee’s payroll on the basis of the records that you get from the software. There are other practical uses of these clocks too. Some of them are given below:

  • Calculating payments for piece rate workers – there are thousands of workers who work on a piece rate basis. This means, the workers are paid as per the number of pieces they complete. This can be anything starting from cutting leather to sewing clothes to anything. If the quantity is huge, there are chances of miscalculation. But, when you have an easy time clock, it will calculate the pieces done by the respective worker. This reduces the chances of any kind of fraud by the worker.
  • Improving work efficiency – human resource managers cannot visit every department to check the productivity of individual employees. However, when you have a time clock, you can get an idea of the efficiency of a worker. Accordingly, he/she can be trained in order to improve the work rate and to get a better productivity.
  • Enforcing company policy – one of the best benefits of using time clocks is that they can be programmed as per the work of different employees. This means you can schedule the work of an employee and see if he/she is meeting that schedule or not. It helps to know if the employee is working for his full quota of hours or trying to get away without working.
  • Multi location recording – when you have employees working from different locations and you have to keep a record of each one of them, your easy time clock would help you with that. They have the ability to record the work of employees who are not even in the city. All the data recorded will be stored in a central location so that you can get the detail of the employees whenever you want.
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