Web Design Company: The Best Way to Promote Your Business

web design company the best way to promote your businessProbably, you do not know what web design company is and what it does. We will try to explain by using a simple example. As soon as you are sitting on a bus or having lunch at a local restaurant, pay attention to people around you. What are they doing? Don’t you think they are like each other? All of them are surely staring at gadgets, searching the internet or communicating with others via messengers or social networks. The reality is that at a given level of social development humanity cannot imagine their life without mobile devices. It’s not just good or bad, it’s just the way it is. And it’s an opportunity to take advantage of the situation.

Just think back to when you were searching the web via a tablet or a smartphone and small letters and terrible image sizes were driving you mad. The content was too large or too small for the screen of your device. That was uncomfortable and irritating. As the result, the first impression of the company was far from been good. Today we have access to tons of sites, but only those with responsive web design attract attention and promote the name of the firm.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive (or adaptive) website design is a special method of coding the web page by developers. As a consequence, the end user can read the page on any screen size with comfort and pleasure. Another way of saying, the web page can be seen gracefully both on working stations, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Now imagine the website of your firm has such a fluid or rubber template. This is achieved by assigning dimensions and proportions of the site’s elements to proper percentages. The web designer applies these certain percentages to all website components.

Components of responsive web design include text modules, images, graphics, videos, tables, and so on. With the help of this predefined percentile values included into the website’s code, the responsive web design template will automatically amend its width and length according to the screen size of the gadget it is browsed with. For instance, when you view the home page of your company’s website on a PC, you see three columns of a text. However, when you do the same using a mobile device you see only two columns or even one. It is because the screen size is smaller than the computer’s one. You still can access the content of the site but in the most attractive and easy-to-use way. This is accomplished through adapting the template to the screen size of your mobile device. Thus, by having a good website with responsive design, your business will increase client conversion and attract new customers and partners.

The Age of Smartphones

the age of smartphone web designIf you do not want your website to be lost in the crowd of identical sites, learn some information on how internet users think and how responsive web design works. Responsive web pages are for those users who browse the internet through their mobile devices. As mentioned above, these pages change their structure according to a gadget they are viewed on. If your organization provides the visitors with appropriate information needed outside the office or an apartment, then it is more than likely your business will benefit from a responsive website.

Let us consider responsive web design example as sites for restaurants. Restaurants with responsive websites have 80% more clients than their competitors who do not have them. The same is with ecommerce, wordpress sites which make their own lives worse by not coming to a good web design company or agency, like Direct Line Development. On the previous Black Friday more than 60% of online orders were placed via smartphones and tablets. It is obviously that mobile sites are much more convenient and versatile than the desktop ones.

Even though B2B services are resistant to today’s world of web-searching, they are still trying to meet modern requirements. Thus, the number of companies who are actively applying a mobile design strategy into their internet presence were increased by 30-40% last year and this number is still increasing. The most flexible sites in terms of using mobile technologies are social networks. Almost all Facebook’s users (100%!) browse the site via different mobile gadgets.

The Advantages of Responsive Web Design

The purpose of any professional website is to attract more visitors and become profitable. It’s not good when only you and your colleagues can see the site, especially when you have spent a lot of money on it. It makes no difference whether you are in Paris or Philadelphia — responsiveness creates alternative ways to attract potential clients to your business and brand. The variety of devices, like TVs, laptops, desktops, game consoles, smartphones and so on will definitely generate more income.

Apart from the fact that you will be awarded from a variety of ways your site can be developed, you will be less and less dependant on desktops and work stations.

If your company possesses a responsive website able to adapt to any screen size, it will be not only modern and convenient, but also beneficial and profitable. Besides, as noted earlier, the Google search engine is always seeking new professional, responsive sites and is trying to limit the opportunities of non-responsive pages. It means that Google can bring your site to the top list of search results and promote your business.

What Clients do with Their Mobile Devices when Placing Online Orders

To reap the benefits of the mobile world, you should learn the underlying trends of people’s behavior while using smartphones.  In June 2017 a very interesting article was published by Google. This article was about what exactly consumers do with their mobile devices when they are placing online orders. The result of the research on this matter was impressive. It turned out that our consumption patterns have been changed in comparison with the time when there was no internet. Thus, twenty years ago was when we first realized that we need to purchase something and only after that we went to a store. Now, in the era of internet, the wish to buy something and opportunity to do it appears at one and the same time. As a result, the purchasing process is rapid and prompt. Probably, these are obvious results, but they are very important for those who want to promote their business online.

shopping online mobile devicesMoreover, our behavioural patterns of purchasing have been subject to changes too. People prefer to read reviews and feedback of other consumers in order to find out all the necessary information about the good or service they want to pay for. They want to know everything about a vendor’s reliability and how it communicates with its clients. People need to be sure their choice of the product is the right one. That is why it is so important to ask your customers to leave a feedback or a review, as well as to pay attention to what they like and don’t like in the work of your firm. You should understand the main tendencies of how to build your business to get profit and receive good results.

Learning purchasing patterns and what your clients like and do is not enough. It is necessary to know what the whole population of the world do when shopping. The research on this issue shows that 44% of all online orders are placed via smartphones! This means that it is vitally important to have a responsive website. “It’s less important for a shopper to be present in-store than for the store to be present wherever and whenever a shopper needs it.”

Can The Current Website of my Company have Responsive Web Design?

Although, your site doesn’t fit a mobile screen-size it does not mean that it has no responsive capabilities. Yes, these two things always accompany each other, but it’s not the point. The responsiveness is the ability of the web page to automatically adjust to the screen size of the device via which it is browsed. Just have a look:

If you want to know whether your website is responsive or not, you can test it by following this link: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/. The page you will see contains a field where you can enter the URL of your website. After pressing the “Arrow” button, Google API software will analyze your site and provide you with the results. It will tell you what are the pros and cons of your site and what you should change to improve it. It costs nothing. Of course, it is better not to watch free responsive web design tutorial, but ask for help a web design company.

Let’s Summarize

responsive web design companyIf you are still hesitating about ordering a responsive website, read the text several times. Responsive web design is a must have for any organization or firm desiring to convert its online presence into high returns. Highly-qualified designers and developers at our web design company will happily create a responsive web design for your business as well as any other custom solution including SEO. Direct Line Development is a web design company which makes the best websites in Philadelphia, because we are the only experts in the region who has such an extensive experience in creating responsive web design. Moreover, we provide 24/7 customer support service and have an affordable pricing policy.

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