Optimizing Images for SEO – A Sneak Peek

optimizing images for seoIf you have a passion for photography and have opted for it as a profession, for commercial reasons, you would definitely want that your photographs should be visible to your target audience. And it goes without saying that you will have to take refuge in search engine optimization (SEO) for the same. However, you can improve your chances of you and your work being “seen” if you can enhance the quality of the images or rather the photographs that you click on various occasions.

In majority of the cases it has been observed that professionals associated with photography rarely make optimum use of their blog and instead prefer to bank heavily upon the so called “flash based websites”. But the truth is “you are harming yourself”.

Experts have time again proved that by judicious use of blogs; you can better your chances of getting organic traffic.

In this article, let us find out how you can optimize the images (photographs) so that your pictures earn respectable rankings in search engines by making use of photo editing programs like using presets, adding text to your photographs, and by assigning suitable filenames.

Tips for better image visibility through SEO

Check out the points in the following paragraphs-

Assign file names to photographs

First and foremost you have to name the pictures in an appropriate manner. For instance, photos named as ‘DSC_123’ has to be changed to something meaningful. In other words, assign a file name for each picture that you intend to optimize. You can make use of Lightroom presets. There are many web portals that have pre-set themes that you can select from.

Pay heed to Alt Tag or Alternate Tag

An alt tag is basically text that is tagged along with the photograph to give it an identity. In the event a user has turned off the provision of viewing images, still your pictures will be visible due to the text that is associated with them.

Regardless of the algorithm that is being used by search engines, your pictures are sure to gain visibility. And if you are using a WordPress website, adding an Alt tag is a child’s play. All you have to do is click on the image for which you want the Alt tag and type in the description that you want your visitors to see when they click on the same.

Adopt ethical methods of SEO

Black hat SEO is something that you ought to stay away from by all means. This is because it might offer rankings for the time being but in the long run, you are the loser.

There can never be a worst-case scenario other than losing your top position after a couple of weeks or even days! This will not only damage your morale but it will take a lot of time before you can regain your stature again in the SEO world.

Instead, practicing white hat SEO strategies make sense and will offer results that are longer lasting. This holds true not just when you are optimizing your text content but also when you are optimizing your photographs.

Preset lightroom themes

For the sake of your convenience, you could always opt for these so that next time you have to customize a picture, it becomes easier for you. This is an excellent method especially when you have a huge number of photographs to optimize and write Alt texts for.

And for this, there are several websites that you can browse and navigate through to zero-in on the one that will be suitable for your photographs’ theme, tone, and mood. Also, you can make certain alterations as well according to your aesthetic sense and appeal.

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