How to Choose Wholesale Suppliers for Online Businesses

how to choose wholesale suppliers for online businessesOne of the important decisions you make for some online businesses is the wholesale providers. This affects the ability to deliver products on time, compete on price and offer an appropriate product selection that would satisfy the demand of the customers. As you pick the wholesaler there are various things that have to be taken into account. However, as you look at the different wholesale suppliers to consider, the following have to be considered as being the most important. Keep in mind that the wholesale industry is simply huge. There are hundreds of options to consider. Take your time to find those that will add real value to your online business.

Business Profile

In many cases business size will have an important impact on pricing. That is why you need to think about what price can be secured as the selection is made. Buying in volume brings in lower prices but the larger companies actually manage to get an even lower price. This automatically impacts your financial management system. Smaller businesses cannot purchase in the large volumes that the larger ones do. In a contract it is often written what price is offered when specific volumes are purchased.

The small to medium sized companies should always pick the wholesalers that offer personalized attention, a great industry reputation and references while offering clear discount pricing schemes that can be advantageous in the future.

Product Offerings

Even if it is obvious, you want to ask for a list of all the brands and products that are available. You practically want to be sure you are given access to what you want to offer, based on what the customers would like. Examine if there are some products that you may want to buy in the future and sell in your online business.

Reliable Shipping

Your customers will want to receive what they buy in time. This is why you have to be sure that shipping is as reliable as possible. Because of the fact that you buy something really cheap from the wholesaler you may think it is normal to have longer shipping. That is not actually the case. The wholesaler needs automated shipping alerts, industry knowledge and product tracking.


Price will not always be decided based on volume. Look at various wholesalers since serious prices differences can appear based on relationships with manufacturers, shipping distances and exchange rates. Sometimes it is better to just directly contact the manufacturers so they recommend a specific wholesaler that you can consider.

Customer Service

This is one of the most important factors to take into account and one that is sometimes neglected, especially by the smaller online businesses. Think about how easy it is to contact customer service representatives whenever a problem appears. Customer service should include a phone number, live chat and help desk. The vital thing is you have to be able to contact the wholesaler whenever you want to.

Wholesales impact all the relationships you establish with customers. This is why you have to be patient and only work with those that offer the highest possible quality.

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