5 Questions to Ask before Choosing a Website Development Company

how to choose website development companyAlthough every company has a web product, it is often so difficult to find a reliable website development firm that will create a cutting-edge website to perform for your business. Nobody wants to pay for something twice. Too often companies complain that they have a negative development experience. Either the project ran over the budget, was behind schedule or was just not right. Sometimes they have to pay for website development services twice simply because they made a wrong choice when selected a company to work with.

What if your web developer does not respond to messages, no longer supports your website, or simply consistently misses deadlines. When it comes to developing or upgrading your site, it pays to shop around, ask lots of questions and make your dollars count.

If you want to create a new website or update the one that you have, here are the top 5 questions you have to ask before choosing your perfect website development company.

What experience do you have in web development?

It may be tempting to hire a young freelance developer who has low hourly cost, but if you are building an online store it’s best to go to a company that is experienced, has a proven track record and will be there to support your site after launch.

What are the referrals?

While a web development company can sing its own praises, referrals from the existing or last clients can give you a better idea of how they work. Ask if the past client would work with them again. Would they recommend them to others? Ask for references and samples of their work.

How deep is your technical knowledge?

Look for a company that understands how to code so that your site will look good on various browsers and platforms, screen resolutions and sizes; whether they have an ability to create interactive forms, and systems that will allow you to make your own site updates. They should also be knowledgeable about new technologies and how they can be applied to the needs of your business. For example, ask what e-commerce platform will be right for your business, an open-source or closed-source? An open-sourced platform can be tailored to the features your business needs, and you are free to add more as your business develops.

Do you have a team that will control a workflow process?

Creating websites is a complex process that involves a blend of Marketing and Communications, technical expertise and creative aesthetics. Companies that can do this well typically have a defined process with a dedicated project manager that keeps everything working smoothly.

Will you support the site after it is finished?

The final question that requires consideration is an ongoing support. Technologies really change quickly, so you have to make sure that whoever you work with, they will be available for support even after your project is complete. Websites are organic in nature, and if your business changes you may need a functionality to make improvements. So look for a long-term technology partner that will be there for you.

A website development company Iflexion also suggests at once setting the payment terms, budget, timelines and the ways of communication. Also, you have to understand what will be your return on investments. How much will you spend and what will that worth to you? Asking those questions listed above will help you to choose your development company.

You need to think carefully, shop around and ask a lot of questions, and what’s more important, you have to feel comfortable with people you will be working with, and confident that they are knowledgeable, competent and understand your needs in the online marketplace.

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