How to Hire Your Dream Candidate: A Guide

how to hire dream candidate
For your business to succeed, you need to offload the work. You cannot direct its future, but you can hire incredible people who can help push your business to new heights that you never imagined. A collaborative effort is the best way forward, but what really matters are the people that work in that collaboration. You need employees who love your industry, your company and their job, and the best way to find employees like that is to improve your hiring process from the get-go.

Create a Clearly Defined Job Role

If you want great candidates, you are going to need to be more specific about who you are looking for and what they will be doing on a day-to-day basis. Without this specific information, you will have people apply who are not qualified, or who are not a good fit for the team. To create a more clearly defined job role, you will first need to discuss it with the team who will be adopting this new member. Ask them about the type of person they need and what their priorities will be. If the job in question is to fill in for someone who has left, then this step is easy. However, if you are building a new role to support your existing team, then you are going to need to hash out exactly what that role is.

Optimize Your Job Listing

Once you have the ideal candidate in mind and an understanding of what their job will entail, it’s time to create the ultimate listing. Be upfront about salary range, job description, and what temperament and experience you are looking for. Be sure to include any additional benefits that your company has. Anything that showcases your commitment to a healthy work/life balance is going to encourage the top talent to apply to your business.

optimize job listings

Make the Application Process Easy

Invest in an easy application system that allows candidates to upload their information, CV, cover letter and portfolio if necessary.

Forget the Interview

If you want to hire the best person for the job, you have to stop putting such high emphasis on the interview stage. People can train to improve their interview skills and, as a result, appear to be the better candidate when, in reality, they are not the right person for the job. That is why hiring a consultant who uses psychological insight and innovative testing tools like those from Leadership Alliance can help you suss out the real talent and the perfect candidate for your business.

Budget in Training and Progression

employee new training
Once you hire a new employee, you will need to train them so that they can get up to speed. Don’t leave them to figure it out on their own. Even if the role and tasks they are expected to do are relatively straightforward, having a welcome package that goes through everything is an excellent way to ease your new hire into their team.

Final summary

Make it clear that your new hire has a future with you if they work hard, and they will have multiple options available for career advancement. This will motivate them to work harder and be a stellar employee for years.

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