Why SEO is so Important to Digital Marketing

why seo important to digital marketing
“SEO is a noun, verb, and adjective.” Todd Malicoat digital entrepreneur

Imagine if you had an outlet that was completely bereft of any kind of signage. There’s no name, there are no windows, and no indication whatsoever as to what’s inside. People would come in out of sheer curiosity, but as they have no idea what you are selling the chances of them actually buying anything are pretty remote.

The premise behind SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is to let everyone know who you are, what you are selling or offering and attract visitors by using the links and written content based on search engine logarithms. It sounds complicated but when you have the likes of Birmingham based FastFWD.com, a digital marketing agency, to take care of your SEO, you know you’re in safe hands.

How It Works

When you go to your favourite search engine and input your search, the software behind it stores that information and brings up a plethora of results based on your search. Those results don’t arrive by chance, the software actually crawls through the content of millions of web pages and those with exact matches to your search terms are at the top. Those similar come next and so on. It’s actually a combination of activities that bring these search results within a matter of seconds.

What Is Organic SEO?

organic search results better for sales
There are 2 ways to get onto the first page of search engine results; pay to be there or use organic SEO. The former is pretty self explanatory, and you probably will have noticed the websites at the very top of the first page will say AD or sponsored. Organic SEO basically means you have got there under your own steam thanks to the quality of your web content and the way it garners the most popular phrases, keywords and search terms so it attracts the crawlers.

What Comes Next?

Crawling then scanning helps the software plan its course of action before measuring the pertinence and finally recovering the best matches. You may have heard the term “page 1 on Google” bandied around, and this is all thanks to SEO. If you have a commercial website, the ultimate goal is to be amongst the top ten results of an Internet search. If you are wallowing in the bowels there’s a pretty good chance that your website isn’t exactly performing well. You can turn your fortunes around however, by engaging the services of an esteemed digital marketing agency who will take your website and give it a complete overhaul. As well as the visual and written content, they will also implement the key elements which will edge it closer to that hallowed spot on page 1;

  • Website  Name
  • URL
  • Webpage    content
  • Link   Characteristics
  • Meta Tags
  • Accessibility
  • Usability
  • Page design

The Importance of Crawling

website and date crawling
Whichever search engine you use will have software known as a crawler, Google have their own crawlers known as Googlebots. Their sole purpose is crawling web pages looking for the phrases you have used in your search. A common misconception is that crawlers can pick up on images matching the search terms. Think about that for a moment. That currently belongs in the world of science fiction but the way technology is advancing it may well appear at some point.

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