What Are The Benefits of Purchasing an In-House ID Card Printer?

benefits of in house id card printer
Security is essential in the workplace, and ID cards have recently become invaluable for ensuring the safety of staff and the security of data and equipment. ID cards can be purchased as and when they are required, but for some organizations, it is preferable to be able to print ID cards in-house.

ID printer costs are low, and availability is high – now is the ideal time to look into purchasing your own ID printer for use by you and your staff. Here we take a look at the advantages of having your own printer.

You Reduce Your Costs, Long-Term

Most organizations are budget-conscious. It goes without saying that you want to reduce costs wherever possible. But you want to reduce costs without reducing capacity or security or convenience. When it comes to issuing your staff with ID cards, you can buy cards ready-completed, or you can print your own cards. When you buy a printer, you buy the whole system ready to add data, personalization features, and security features like a hologram. Or, you can buy a basic version of your cards and use your own printer to add features like the name and the photo of the user.

save money on in house card printer
Whichever option you use, you will save money over the long term when you print your own cards rather than buy them fully printed. Your savings will really add up when you are a large organization like a college or a hospital group. It may initially seem like you are paying a lot of money for a printer, but over the lifetime of the printer, you will definitely save money.

You Can Issue Cards More Quickly

When it comes to security, you simply cannot have new staff or visitors wandering around without an ID card. And therefore, you either have to order cards in advance or wait for them to be printed off-site. By using your own ID printer, every new member of staff or visitor has their ID badge ready as quickly as it takes to fill in a form. This is important – your building is more secure, and you have more peace of mind. And by removing the need to use temporary cards, you remove the security flaw that is inherent in this process.

You Can Control Your Printing

When you have your own printer you, and only you, have access to the security details of your staff and your visitors. This is important when your business deals with sensitive information, but it is equally important for a business that simply deals with customer data. Everyone has the right to keep their details secure and private. And when you have control over your printing, you control who can make cards – so there is less chance of counterfeit cards.

create customize your own company id card
In addition, you are in control of the personalization and aesthetics of your card. You can quickly adjust the design if you need to. You can add a new logo when there is a special event. You can adjust the branding on cards to suit the season or a new promotion. You can’t really do this with pre-printed cards since you will always end up with unused stock.

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