5 Tips for a Stress-Free Office Relocation

easier office relocation tips
Relocating a business is no easy task, whether you’re a rapidly growing enterprise or a small team with big ambitions. Yet, this kind of transition is usually made because a company is getting to be a tight fit for its surroundings. It is really important that companies have room develop and expand, so relocation can be a very positive process.

The problem is that it requires a huge amount of planning and most businesses have to accept an inevitable amount of downtime. This can be tough when you’re young and trying to make your mark in the world. It represents lost profits and missed opportunities, even if you are investing your time in something which is just as essential.

Fortunately, times are changing. Modern businesses now have a whole range of alternative options which they can use to minimise downtime, keep profits high, and still enjoy a smooth relocation. Keep reading to find out about some of the best.

Here are 5 Ways Making Office Relocation Easier

Regroup in a Serviced Office

One helpful option, particularly if you’re not 100% sure about where you want to be based, is to take out a short-term lease on a serviced office. These corporate suites are fully furnished and equipped. The idea is that you move right in and call a private office your own until you decide that you no longer need it. Click here to find out more about the resources available.

Select the Right Team

Whether you’re taking existing members of the team with you or you plan to hire new employees, you’ve got to be clear on the type of skills that you need. If you like to incorporate flexible working models and allow employees to work from home every now and then, they should be reliable, independent, and disciplined. They should also be creative because good performance is about more than just churning out tasks.

Reach Out for Connections

Take a close look at your list of business contacts and associates. Is there anybody with connections to your new home; somebody who could ease the transition and introduce you to the right movers and shakers? While this won’t be possible for every business, there’s nothing wrong with using your networking skills to find a shortcut into a new market. Alternatively, you can sign up to a virtual office or other co-working space and chat with fellow business owners.

Outsource “One Off” Tasks

Relocating is hard enough without feeling like you have to set up a whole new team within months (sometimes weeks). To ease the pressure, outsource some of the more inconsistent tasks. For instance, things like website development and IT support aren’t needed all the time. Most companies only call them in when they develop a problem or they need help with a specific project. So, save yourself some time and money by paying for them only if they become a necessity.

Opt for a Negotiable Lease

If possible, you really do want a negotiable office lease, just in case things don’t go as smoothly as expected and change is imperative. Fortunately, serviced and virtual office solutions are some of the most flexible options available. Unlike conventional rentals, they don’t carry long-term contracts. It means that you don’t have to tie up your capital in a costly agreement that you can’t be sure you’ll still want after six months or a year.

Why Serviced Office Solutions Equal Success

The biggest advantage of working from a serviced office is that it gives you complete independence allows the business to retain its agility. All you have to do is pick the services that you want and move right in. There are no logistical requirements (everything is included in the flat-rate fee) and you can change your rental package at any time. The age of long term leases is over; it is finally time to embrace personalisation and optimisation.

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