How to Get Your First Job in the SEO Industry

how to get your first job in the seo industryThe great thing about the SEO industry is that you do not necessarily need to finish a suitable college in order to be considered for a job. You just have to know how to do your job right for the entry level positions. If you are thinking about getting an SEO job, here are the most important things that you have to remember.

Brush Up On Basic SEO Skills

Start by getting the skills that are required in the industry. You can check out these resume templates and come up with a really great CV but why would people be interested in hiring you? Skills like blog management, CSS, WordPress, SEO work, Analytics and similar can help you get an edge in front of the other applicants.

A great thing that can be considered is to open your very own WordPress blog. This will help you to improve your resume with results and practice the skills that are needed in the industry. Such an approach allows you to apply what you read about search engine optimization. When you present yourself in front of the interviewer you will be able to talk more about what should be done to rank. You would be surprised how many do not know much about SEO and apply for the entry level jobs.

Learn About Linkbuilding Fundamentals

Linkbuilding is one of the most important parts of SEO. Unfortunately, most people that want to get in the industry do not really understand how to take advantage of what is possible at the moment. For many SEO specialists linkbuilding is seen as the complicated part of the job. Because of this, if you already know a lot about it and you understand the best practices you can be sure that you are going to be a lot better than someone that does not.

Applying For SEO Jobs

A big mistake is applying to jobs that you simply cannot do because you do not have the knowledge to perform good work. One of the important parts of the process is to be completely honest with yourself. Simply apply for those SEO jobs that you know you can do well. If you get a job that you would be really good at it is so much easier to then climb the career ladder. The same thing cannot be said when you will not do the work well.


The SEO interview is going to vary a lot from one agency to the next. There will be many different questions that will be asked. If you do have a site that you worked on or projects that you did in the past, make sure that you mention it. That will help the interviewer to better assess the knowledge that you have.


When you look for your very first SEO job there is a pretty good possibility that you will have to apply to several jobs. Just be sure that you keep increasing your portfolio and everything will go well on the long run.

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