Top 3 High-Quality Platforms for Hosting and Organizing Your Webinars

top 3 high quality platforms for hosting and organizing your webinarsContent marketing is growing rapidly, and it is becoming the dominant and effective method of contact with a new audience. Therefore, marketers are starting to think a little bit further than just writing blogs, e-books, and posts on social networks. Video marketing has been the most efficient tool for a long time, so we can say that webinars are currently a great hit. It is the incredibly powerful thing for maintaining connections, demonstrating your brand’s expertise and giving it a human voice.

ClickMeeting Overview

ClickMeeting is among the leaders in hosting webinars and connecting you with the potential leads. If you are looking for an affordable conference tool which is both easy to use and does not require any special knowledge, yet includes the highly sophisticated features, then this program is the perfect solution for you.

ClickMeeting’s key features:

  • The ability to use the add-ons
  • Complete customization of the webinar room
  • Create attractive invitations to engage the audience
  • The registration page that will allow you to collect information before letting people enter the webinar
  • Use the audio and video materials as well as the presentation tool
  • The beautiful whiteboard to illustrate your ideas and thoughts
  • Instant chat translation via Google translator
  • Use the polls and surveys to obtain the information during the webinar
  • Get a detailed report and thorough analytics
  • Record your webinar and share it with others


  • No technical knowledge required
  • The maximum amount is 1000 attendees
  • Comprehensive and easy to use layout


  • The quality of the sound could be a little bit better
  • They do not offer the phone support


ClickMeeting provides a 30-day free trial period. However, there are three premium options. The first one is MyWebinars which costs $25 per month. The second one is MyWebinars Pro, and the fee is $35 per month. The last option is Enterprise with the monthly subscription of $165.

GoToMeeting Overview

GoToMeeting is a popular platform which allows you to host your webinar with up to 1000 attendees. It is a simple yet reliable conference tool designed for professional meetings. The program offers a wide range of features suitable for any device. You can develop better relationships, boost the productivity, and increase the sales.

GoToMeeting’s key features:

  • Set up the meetings quickly and record them
  • Anyone can join by answering the phone call
  • The sessions are available on both desktop and mobile platforms
  • Take advantage of the whiteboard to share the ideas
  • Make a presentation of your desktop or a particular application
  • A high-quality audio and video without any interruptions
  • You may schedule recurring meetings if necessary


  • Live chat and phone support
  • Fantastic sound and video quality
  • Join the webinar without having to enter the code or PIN
  • Attendees can get in easily with the toll-free option
  • It has the free plan


  • Interface could be a bit friendlier
  • The free program is extremely limited
  • The premium plans are a bit pricey


The free plan includes only three essential features. However, the premium ones are Starter with the monthly fees of $19, Pro which costs $29, and Plus with the price of $49 per month.

Webinato Overview

Webinato and all its features are designed primarily to help automate your marketing webinars and establish a lucrative business. You can either create a live event or pre-record a presentation and set everything on autopilot. The company offers a free live demo version so everyone can try and see whether or not it is a good fit for them.

Webinato’s key features:

  • It runs in the most classic web browsers and does not require any software installing
  • It is available for iOS and Android devices or smartphones
  • The company provides support in over ten different languages
  • The platform can attend the maximum of 2500 people
  • The Question and Answer module allows prioritization, private responding, and thorough reporting
  • The innovative AutoPlay feature allows you to record and replay the presentation later as if it is live
  • Record either a full screen or just a particular region of the desktop
  • The unique whiteboard can store the information for the future projects
  • Polls and surveys are always useful for collecting a data


  • One-time event pricing
  • The Question and Answer Manager
  • Repetitive presentations option (AutoPilot function)
  • Powerful and high-quality audio and video
  • Incredibly easy to use layout
  • The room capacity of 2500 people


  • Mobile apps should be improved a little bit
  • Unable to create reports over multiple events


The premium packages include S which is $119 per month, M that costs $249 on a monthly basis, L with the subscription fee of $399 per month, and XL that will charge you $699 monthly fees.


ClickMeeting is the perfect solution for those business owners who need a powerful and reliable webinar service at reasonable price. It has fantastic functions and will not let you down.

GoToMeeting is a professional meeting service for sellers with quality ideas. It is suitable for those who want to set up a webinar quickly and therefore illustrate their opinions through the high-quality audio and video environment.

If you are looking for a way to automate the whole process and set up your webinars on auto pilot, then look no further because Webinato is the tool that you need. It will indeed help make your business profitable while saving your time and allowing you to focus on other projects.

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