Monitor Your Websites With Most Efficient Web Monitoring Software


Due to large scale developments and advancement in technology, almost all transactions are now conducted securely online which has resulted in rapid growth of internet. As per some recent analysis report, nowadays 85% of total population is using internet and it is widely being used in offices, colleges, commercial organizations, banks, etc. Thus, it’s very much crucial for these enterprises to check and monitor their employee’s internet usage. Monitoring your internet usage at work allows you to check and examine your daily operations via internet.

track-browser-historyMonitoring employee’s internet usage will lead to an increase in profit and better management of the enterprise. By accurately monitoring the internet usage, the amount of megabytes or gigabytes consumed in case of download and upload can be calculated. Furthermore, by continuous web monitoring, you can also check when you’ll reach up your bandwidth limit. For all these reasons, it’s vital for every enterprise to opt for an effective solution from This software proffers employer to monitor the internet usage of the employees, that is to say, how much time they spend time on the internet during their working hours, which websites they visit, etc. This information is then sent to the office manager and also to employees via e-mail.

Various benefits that are proffered by this software are:

  • This software works only when the person is using internet for their official work during working hours. This means that the employees can surf the internet for their personal usage when they are on lunch break and personal work done will not be recorded.
  • The daily details of Internet Usage provided by this software focus on only those websites that were visited for more than 15 minutes during the day. This helps the management to focus on big issues, thereby ignoring any trivial things regarding any employee paying a visit to social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • This software reminds the staff not to use websites that are not related to your work profile during the office working hours.
  • Other than tracking employees’ internet usage, this software is also beneficial in enhancing employees’ time management skills.
  • Its final report is sent through email and it includes list of all websites that are visited by the employee.

With increasing use of internet, it has become very critical for every employer to secured their websites, monitor it and trail down their employees’ internet usage on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This is essential from the point of view of increasing efficiency as well as productivity level of your business entity.

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