Faster Website Loading with Advanced JPEG Compression

There is a saying where ‘Speed matters most’, this phrase doesn’t only apply for race car or people. It is also can be use to dignify how website development should be. I’m not talking about how fast a web development can be done, I’m referring to “How Fast Website Load”. It will take literally 2-3 seconds before visitors decided to stay on your website or leave upon arriving.

Why Website Load Speed is Important?

The fact that most internet users nowadays prefer something instant or fast and HATED to wait to get some information. If you have experience a ‘Buffer Load’ time when viewing videos on-line in the past, then you’ll understand what i trully meant.

Beside the typical user experience effect, website load speed also impact how well your website rank in search engine ranking result. You’ll be fooling yourself if you didn’t care how well your website ranked.

More speed, more conversion and more sales

That’s the common practise for any affiliate marketers that know 2 seconds delays may cause them lost 20-30% conversion rate in sales.

How to Make Website Load 50-70% Faster?

Learn how to compress your large size ‘images’ to the most optimize file size so they take lesser time to load.

Imagine you have 10 x 1MB file size image each on your website. That’s a total of 10MB files size, your website needed to take around 30 seconds or more to finished loading your website. Imagine you can take down 90% of the load time and reduce it to 3 seconds only. Sound impossible right? No they’re not.

With Advanced JPEG Compressor, you can compress your digital image to the most optimal file size without losing the image quality.

What is Advanced JPEG Compressor?
Advanced JPEG Compressor for Windows is the world’s leading software for sizing and processing digital images in JPEG (JPG) format. JPEG (JPG) is the most popular digital photo format. Advanced JPEG Compressor (AJC) performs all of the image processing tasks you need to get your photos ready for sharing, storing and printing.

Let’s do some testing…
I’m using a JPEG image with the file size of 1.67MB and using the most optimal setting from Advance JPEG Compressor.
The end result is 92% file size reduction (1.67MB->125kb) without any obvious image quality different.

[highlight color=”#ff0000″ bgcolor=”#f8f8f8″]Test click one of the image and you will see the significant load speed different.[/highlight]

Final Conclusion

Is showing the best image quality but large file size are more important?
or you want your visitors to stayed on your website more longer with faster website speed with optimal file size of your images. Nevertheless to say, different users had different perspective view on this matter. If you’re a photographer, you’ll be wanting to show the best image quality possible for your audience, however is it reasonable and wise to show a raw 10MB file size image where you can show them 100KB with the same quality but load faster? you’ll be the judge.

[notice type=”info”]You can grab/download a free trial version of the Advanced JPEG Compression in their website above. or if you like it, You can Purchase a Personal License from my affiliate link. Thank you :)[/notice]

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