Is There Still A Place for Print Catalogues in The Business World?

is print catalogues still relevant in business world
Although social media marketing, email marketing, and the general digitisation of the consumer experience have never been more popular, there is still a place for print catalogues in the business world, with catalogues increasingly rising in use since 2015. Evidence indicates that customers are growing increasingly enthusiastic about receiving company catalogues. What’s even more surprising is who’s enthusiastic – Millennials, to be precise, who are said to be more interested in catalogues than the older generation. All signs point to the fact that your business should be investing in print catalogues. Let’s look at why, and how

More time spent reading

On average, people spend 15.5 minutes going through a catalogue. Think about how quickly an ad pops up on your social media, or on a website you’re browsing, and how quickly you dismiss it. Print marketing holds far more possibilities for retention of customer interest, particularly since people tend to hold onto print catalogues for weeks or even months.

Physical content = stronger emotional response

It’s a well-known fact that human beings process digital and physical media very differently. We tend to process digital content almost instantly, whereas we spend more time looking at physical entities like catalogues. This results in a stronger emotional response towards the physical thing and we remember its contents for a longer amount of time – highly valuable in the business world! It’s also useful to bear in mind that 65% of us are visual learners, and something like a print catalogue can be a great way to engage these potential customers.

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Print catalogues add legitimacy

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Any old business can advertise their products and services only: it’s cheap, easy, and accessible. Not every business can invest in print marketing like catalogues, however. Printed materials add a sense of credibility to your business. A physical product proves that you’re willing to invest time, money, and energy into your company: you must really believe in what you’re selling.

Stand out amongst the crowd

There’s no doubt that print publication is in decline, but don’t be put off by this – it’s actually an advantage for your company. The catalogue market is considerably less crowded than that of other marketing tools. Impress new and existing customers by mailing a catalogue out to them – they may not have seen one in a while! Pepper it with exciting images and graphics to really make it stand out.

Invest in quality production

Now that you’re convinced that print catalogues are the way to go for your business, it’s time to create one! Don’t sacrifice the quality of your finished product; this will make all the difference when customers pick it up. You can make print catalogues in house though, by investing in a good booklet maker. These small, hand-fed desktop machines have a fully automated production system that does the work for you and produces high quality pieces. Booklet makers such as Duplo International come in handy for a variety of print materials, including catalogues, manuals, booklets, and much more.

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