10 Tips to Fast-Track Instagram Follower Growth

10 tips fast track instagram follower growth
There’s probably a reason you’re reading an article about Instagram follower growth. You’ve set up your account and followed all the tips and tricks to make it stand out, right? Now you just need some followers…

If your brand’s Insta is all dressed up with nowhere to go, then you have come to the right place! Let’s talk about ten ways to bring followers to your account.

#1 Use An Instagram Growth Tool

Get All-Natural Followers, Fast

Using an organic growth tool is one of the very best ways to quickly grow your Instagram account! These organic tools do not use any fake accounts or spam, but rather, help to spread the word about your account in order to naturally multiply your number of followers.

For example, Kicksta helps you to expand your following base by asking for a list of similar accounts in your niche. All you have to do is keep posting great content, keep that list update, and watch your follow count soar!

Kicksta will like posts on the accounts you list as being similar to yours. This increases awareness of your profile, draws viewers to your page, and eventually generates new followers!

kicksta real instagram followers

#2 Cross Promotion

Use Your Accounts To Your Advantage

The great thing about social media is that it’s a giant web that you can easily use to your advantage. The term “social network” is highly indicative of the interconnectedness of the internet.

If you are running the Instagram account of a business, it’s likely that your company also has a website, as well as accounts on some other social media platforms. Make use of this!

Be sure to always use your Instagram to promote your accounts on other social media sites, and vice-versa. Followers on any social media platform can quickly become followers on Instagram, all from posting a simple shoutout for yourself. Give it a try – you may be surprised by the results!

#3 Hashtags

A Modern Publicity Tool That Is #Helpful

Hashtags are a valuable and versatile way to grow your Instagram! You can add relevant hashtags to the end of your posts in order to have them seen with similar posts, or you can create your own hashtags that are unique to your brand!

One helpful feature on Instagram is that users can search for hashtags and be presented with all of the posts that include whatever hashtag the user is searching for. So, the more relevant hashtags you include on your posts, the more likely it is that your post will be seen by interested users!

You can also create your own hashtags or Use https://taskant.com/ to generate the most effective hashtags,  which is a great move for your brand. Having some hashtags that are unique to your business will help to make your profile memorable. And, if you are selling a product or service, you can ask satisfied customers to post testimonials using your own hashtag – just think of the publicity…the Instagram follower growth!

#4 Post Consistently

Stick To A Schedule

Publishing your posts on a consistent schedule is a great idea. If your posts are coming out at different, random hours every day, your engagement rates are likely to be much lower than if you are adhering to a set schedule.

But when to post? There are certainly optimal times for posting in every industry – you just need to figure out what times are best for you. Once you access this knowledge, be sure to capitalize on it and send out your posts at prime times every day!

You might be thinking, “How am I ever supposed to remember to post at the perfect time every single day?!” Have no fear – that’s exactly why scheduling apps exist! These apps allow you to create your posts ahead of time and then simply pop them into a queue. After that, your work is done. All your posts will be published at their assigned times, and you don’t have to handle the stress of remembering!

#5 Take Advantage Of Videos

Add A Little Variety To The Steady Stream Of Pics

Did you know that videos have higher engagement rates on Instagram than photos do? It’s true! And, now you know…so go get filming!

There are a lot of different formats in which you can post videos to Instagram, aside from uploading them to your feed. You can always post videos on your story, which is a great option for vids that are shorter in length and get a point across quickly.

For lengthier videos, IGTV is the place to go. This feature on Instagram allows you to post much longer videos, but you can publish shorter clips of them on your story or directly to your page, in order to generate interest (similar to a trailer).

instagram sarahangius channel

Finally, you can always host an Instagram live, which is a great way to interact with your followers in real-time and respond to their questions and comments directly. Instagram Live is a great tool for follower engagement, and it gives you a unique opportunity to connect with your followers.

As far as content goes, there is a wide variety of videos that you can make! Depending on your brand, you can post tutorials, how-tos, behind the scenes, or Q&A sessions, just to name a few. Different video styles may apply better to some businesses than others, but you should try out a wide range and see what your followers respond to the best!

#6 User-Generated Content

Your Followers Can Help Spread The Word, Too

As mentioned before, branded hashtags are a great way for your followers to help spread the word about your company. Come up with some brand-specific hashtags, and start to increase your following today!

Another great tool for Instagram follower growth is photo contests. Inviting your followers to join in a competition on Instagram will spread awareness of your brand like wildfire. A key aspect of hosting a photo contest is having followers post on their own accounts/stories and tag your brand. This will spread the word about your business to all of their followers, and interest will be generated naturally once again!

You should also encourage your followers to tag you in posts. This is especially important when they are posting reviews/photos of your product or service. Word of mouth can truly go a long way, so never underestimate the power of your existing follower base.

#7 Partner With Influencers And Brands

The Beauty Of Business Relationships

Partnerships are incredibly helpful when it comes to Instagram follower growth! These mutually beneficial relationships between brands and influencers are a vital way to get the word out about your business.

Hosting joint competitions is one great way to spread awareness of your company. Think of the photo contest we discussed earlier, but imagine that there are two, three, or even four brands involved. In order to enter, followers must tag all involved brands. This means that followers of multiple brands are spreading the word about your company to all of their followers…your follow count will be soaring in no time!

instagram thegoodandthebeautiful channel

It’s also helpful to have a simple partnership with an influencer or another business, in which you promote one another on your respective pages. Repeated shoutouts and discussion of products/services will generate interest in followers and draw users to your page.

#8 Track Your Analytics

It’s Important To Know Your Stuff

When running an Instagram account and attempting to generate Instagram follower growth, it is important to know your followers. What type of posts do they like the most? What sort of caption generates the most comments? Once you figure this out, you can post more of what your followers like and increase the popularity of your page.

Instagram analytics and analytic tools such as Hootsuite, Iconosquare, Squarelovin, and Crowdfire all offer helpful information in this department, and they can assist you on your journey to create the optimal Instagram page.

#9 Captions

It’s All In The Wording

Do not underestimate the power of a caption! Use your captions to engage with your followers by asking questions and inviting them to contribute to the comments section. Adding a call to action (such as “click the link in my bio to learn more”) will definitely help to generate activity on your page.

You can also run giveaways and contests, which, as previously mentioned, will prompt your followers to spread the word about your brand’s page!

All of this is very important because having high engagement rates will make your page look more appealing to potential followers. Your account will seem more professional/official if your followers are engaging with you consistently.

#10 Strong Instagram Strategy

Let Your Brand Shine Through

Decide what you want your page to be, and make that a reality. Select a consistent theme for the photos you post, determine a posting schedule to stick to, and publish dependable content for your followers.

help brand grow on instagram
The theme of your account will vary depending on what your brand is. For example, a travel account will have a much different aesthetic from a local coffee shop, which will also be far different from a large marketing corporation. Take some time to figure out your niche, and create an Instagram account that will accurately represent your brand.

Then, just make sure that your on-brand posts are being published according to a consistent schedule, and you will be good to go – keep working hard, and watch your number of followers tick higher and higher.

Taking Action – Let’s Get To Work

Now you’re equipped with ten new tips to increase your Instagram follower growth, and you’re probably itching to get started. So, what are you waiting for? Anyone can put these tactics into play, so get to work making your brand’s Instagram the best one there is!

With a little hard work and a lot of smart strategies, your Instagram follower count will be soaring in no time – so it’s time to get moving!

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