7 Ways to Encourage Subscribers to Forward Your Emails


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Email marketing is a tricky venture, particularly since the goal is to cut through the masses of emails the average person receives in his or her inbox each day and have your message stand out. Once you’ve mastered the formula that gets people initially reading, the next step in a successful email marketing strategy is encouraging them to pass it on to others. When you’re creating emails that are forwarded and shared, you’re propelling your marketing to a much larger audience.

So here’s how to craft emails that are not just going to be read, but also be shared with others:

1. Keep It Personal

This first tip may sound counterintuitive. Why would you personalize something that you want to reach a broad audience? Email recipients tend to respond more favorably to messages that feel targeted to them, and they’re more likely to want to share this with others, particularly if they think it may pertain to them as well. Don’t shy away from narrowly tailored messages because of a fear they won’t get shared – research shows the opposite is typically true.

2. Ask and Receive

One big way to up the shareability of your emails? Simply ask your readers to share them. Make it easy for them as well, with a clearly defined CTA button that lets them share your message quickly and without confusion.

3. Incentivize Readers

If you want someone to do something, offer something in exchange. Within your email provide a coupon, discount code or another incentive if readers share your email.

4. Keep Emails to a Single Topic

In most cases, the simpler your emails are, the more likely they are to be forwarded and shared. Try to keep emails concise and centered around one primary topic rather than multiple subjects within one email. That typically leads to a simpler design, something that’s more likely to be read, a more salient main message, and ultimately, more shareability. As well as keeping a single topic within emails, try to keep the design aesthetic relatively simple as well. You may think you impress your audience by pulling out all the stops regarding design, but it can be distracting and overwhelming to a reader.

5. Create Event Emails

Research recently cited on HubSpot.com showed emails about events were more than three times as likely to be shared as compared to other types of messages. If someone is interested in going to a particular event, they’re going to likely want to share that event with their network.

6. Focus on Current Events

Another great way to get people sharing? Create emails about current topics and events. Keeping emails relevant and up-to-the-minute will not only make them more engaging but also more likely to be shared among a broader audience.

7. Determine Why You Want Your Email to Be Shared

Before you create and send out an email that you’re hoping will get lots of shares, it’s important to focus your efforts. To do this, think about why you want an email to be shared. Do you want it to be forwarded in a social way, in a way that provides information to the person receiving the email, or because it’s something that people will be interested in attending or participating in? These are all important questions to help drive your email creation strategy.

The Power of the Forward

Whether your emails are forwarded or socially shared, when they’re passed on you’re organically expanding your reach, increasing brand awareness, and ultimately enjoying not only higher conversions but also sales. Following the seven tips highlighted above is a great start to get readers to share your emails.

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