Four Ways to Advertise Your Website

To get your website in front of as many people as possible, you need to really make it stand out against the millions of other sites out there, and you can do that by properly advertising it. Using the methods below, you can increase the amount of traffic that reaches your site, and hopefully increase your conversions and profits as a result.


Use Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click, which is also referred to as PPC, allows you to draw more traffic to your site from a variety of search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. Basically, all you have to do is pay a fixed rate for each click that your ad receives in a search engine. The goal is to then convert that click-through into a sale on your site. After all, you want to get the biggest return on your investment for this type of advertising.

The key is to choose the best and most relevant keyword phrases so that the search engine will properly place your ad in front of as many people from your target audience as possible. And if you don’t want to go about this strategy alone, you can also work with a PPC reseller for great results.

Buy Facebook Ads

With millions of people all over the world using Facebook daily, and people spending the majority of their time online on this popular social media website, it makes a lot of sense to invest in advertising on it, regardless of who your target demographic is.

The great thing about Facebook ads is the fact that the site helps when it comes to targeting individuals from a specific place, or friends of current followers, or people who already “like” similar pages as yours. You can even target your ad by interests and age, so you have a higher chance of reaching people who will be willing to click through and visit your site.

This cost-effective advertising option allows you to set your daily budget, pay whenever individuals actually see the ad, or pay for clicks, so you also have a lot of options in terms of how you spend your advertising budget.

Create a Blog and Become a Guest Blogger

Blogs are yet another way to advertise your website at minimal to no cost to you. You can bring visitors to your site by offering valuable content on your blog, or you can make yourself a well-known expert in your field by guest blogging on others’ blogs within your niche. Just include a link to your site in your byline or include the link within your guest post.

Buy Ads on YouTube or Create Your Own Videos

In addition to creating your own videos for posting to YouTube, you can also purchase ads that can be placed on other people’s videos on the site. Either way, you’ll be able to generate more traffic to your site, especially if you include a call to action during your video or ad.

With so many ways to advertise your website, many of which are surprisingly affordable, you can increase traffic and conversions easily.

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