3 Tips and Tricks to Grow Your List of Subscribers

3-tips-and-tricks-to-grow-your-list-of-subscribersMany web-based business models rely on a deep list of email subscribers for success, and thousands of webmasters around the globe have experimented with an uncountable number of ways to increase their list of subscribers. And many studies show that websites which successfully grow a strong list of subscribers turn a larger profit faster than those who fall behind in this integral area of website management. And not just that! From ecommerce websites to cooking blogs, subscriber count is often the metric of success used to benchmark websites against each other.

These tips and tricks will help even a novice webmaster optimize their website to increase subscriptions in practical ways.

Use Analytics and Behavior Data to Customize Calls to Action

behavior-data-call-to-actionOne great case study for using data to customize calls to action was done by the website Vero: which adjusted their calls to action to be specific to the content around which they appeared. According to information released by the Vero webmasters, they increased their subscriber rate overnight. But how can you use behavior data to adjust your call to action?

First, pour through your analytics data and see what pages on your website get the most traffic. Ensure that you have great calls to action on all of these pages, and that those calls to action are tailor-made to the content around them. Also ensure that the call to action is placed above the fold.

There are a lot of places you can use behavior data to improve conversion rates. A good place to start is your call-to-action. In the example below, Vero adjusted the calls-to-action on their email marketing blog to reflect the content of individual posts, rather than using something generic.

Another great option? Find the page which most first-time visitors appear on and tailor the call to action they see to the fact that they are first-time visitors. Clearly state all the reasons one should describe, and sell the subscription well. Always include a subscription option in the sidebar.

Another good option? Send a questionnaire to existing subscribers and find out where or how they subscribed; emphasize the calls to action which gained current subscribers.

Advertise Free Offers

advertise-free-offersAnother great consideration is to advertise free products or offers in return for a subscription. Many webmasters repurpose their existing content into ebooks, webinars, or other offerings which they then provide to subscribers after joining. If your website is heavy on content, you already have everything you need! For stores, offer shopping guides or discount codes. And thanks to the analytics you reviewed in the prior step, you already know what content performs well and which many visitors would like to see more of.

Where possible, emphasize free offers boldly very near where the actual sign up forms are. Many website builders, such as www.websitebuilder.com, allow webmasters to easily customize call-out text. You could also set up gateways to your most valuable content, allowing only subscribers to view it.

Gain Referrals from Current Subscribers

A ring of people carrying bullhorns around the phrase Word of Mouth

Another tried and true tactic? Give offers to current subscribers if they refer their friends! Make this easy to do with social media and dedicated email blasts to your existing subscribers. Again, you can increase the amount of conversions by offering both parties exclusive benefits: special content, sales, or other items of value.

Your current subscribers don’t exist in a vacuum: they are part of their own extensive networks of friends and colleagues. And each individual they refer is also part of an extended network. Referral subscribers are valuable because you already have individuals vouching for your product, and many referrals turn into leads or clients which are statistically more likely to take actions than new visitors on a site.

Most webmasters simply fail to keep these new subscribers engaged: so before you undertake one of these strategies, ensure that you have a strong content plan in place to keep all new subscribers invested in your brand.

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