The Best Wix eCommerce Themes of 2015

The good news for anyone looking to start a new eCommerce business in 2015 is that you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a powerful website building platform that will equip you with everything you need to create a dynamic, highly functional online store even if you’re on a modest budget.

Whilst some of these eCommerce platforms are better if you need lots of high performance tools and features, and others are best suited for those who need ongoing support to attract new customers to their sites, popular website building tool Wix wins out above them all in terms of its attractive themes and beautiful, professionally designed website templates.

Here’s a look at just some of the best Wix eCommerce website themes currently available in 2015.



The free Headphones eCommerce theme is certainly one of Wix’s most cutting edge designs, combining cool, dark colours with an unique font to make the ideal solution for selling not just headphones themselves, but any number of high-tech consumer gadgets, gizmos and electronics.

In our own experience, we’ve found that simply by changing the colour scheme from the dark default design to something more light and airy can complete transform this theme into a light, minimalist design that’s just as well placed for selling anything from health and beauty products to household furniture as it is for headphones and electronics

Watch Shop


An innovative design that’s well suited for luxury goods, jewellery products and other high brow items, the sleek, uncluttered layout of the Watch Shop theme lets your product images speak for themselves, with a big, bold image standing from and centre at the head of your site, and several different options for creating very attractive product image galleries.

Much like the lighter version of the aforementioned Headphones theme, this is a great minimalist design that should appeal to those customers who like things fresh, modern and luxurious.

Modern Art Posters

Modern Art Posters (or Into the Wild as we like to call it owing to the text that appears when you first load this theme) has been created specifically to help artists, designers and print makers display their portfolios and sell their creative work online.

Whilst we certainly can’t argue that this rich, colorful theme does a great job there, we think that the vibrant, visually striking design, coupled with a simple to navigate layout and ample space to show off your product images make this a great choice for just about any kind of eCommerce website.

Camera Shop

Not too dissimilar to Headphones in terms of its target market, Camera Shop positions itself as the go-to theme for consumer electronics and digital accessories. Again though, thanks to its clean, understated design, catalog-style layout and a wealth of page templates including product categories, FAQs and more, this makes a great choice for online sites which sell lots of different items in multiple categories. Fancy yourself as the new Amazon or The Camera Shop theme may well be for you.

Gourmet Food Shop

The Gourmet Food Shop template is the perfect eCommerce theme for cafes, restaurants and any business selling food and drink products online.

One of the more innovative designs in Wix’s entire collection, this highly visual template combines a very attractive homepage with customizable logos, menu designs and beautifully crafted homepage slideshows to show off your top mouthwatering dishes in all their glory.

With a few behind-the-scenes tweaks in your website customization dashboard, it’s possible to transform the Gourmet FOod Shop into a great little template for fashion stores and clothing boutiques too.

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