5 Common Misconceptions about Digital Marketing – A Beginners’ Guide

common misconceptions about digital marketingAll the businessmen knows the importance of digital marketing in this advanced world. It is a very effective way to market your products and services in a world where people are reliant on technology.

Since the scope of digital marketing is vast, many beginners face a few common misconceptions regarding it. Then it eventually results into failures in the digital market. There is no doubt that it has given a boost to business development but here are some common mistakes every novice must avoid:

1. Time against results

This is the initial thing that disappoints a beginner. No one can deny that one can gain success in a short period of time in the field of digital marketing. However when one starts to market their business online, there is some time for the results show up. After a few results you should work the strategy again to reach an expected result. Results of digital marketing surely stays for a long time.

2. Investment of money

The money issue is pretty prevalent in digital marketing. Some people have misconception that digital marketing means a substantial amount of investment. In fact, a very less amount of money can work as well. You can expect amazing results with a little investment but you have to dedicate a large portion of your time. There are many free techniques as well that can be implemented to get amazing results.

3. Social networking is all

social network digital marketingWith the growing culture of social media, people are growing more and more misconception. They have started thinking that social media marketing is the only means of digital marketing. Some platforms like digital marketing agency Toronto can tell you that there are much more techniques that can elevate your digital presence. Do not put all your precious time in social media marketing. You must also get know-how on other subjects like mobile optimization, getting links and much more. These key techniques are a major part of successful digital marketing strategy.

4. SEO is not that important

There are many beginners who have gained deep knowledge regarding SEO and Google. They have come to a conclusion that Google now doesn’t allow adherence to traditional practices like SEO and there is no need to invest in that. This is just a misconception. The on-page SEO is still much important to Google and other search engines. SEO techniques have surely become much more sophisticated but it will never die until and unless search engines are in the market.

5. There are much technicalities

Many people feel that digital marketing is too technical. This is a clear is misconception. There truly are some aspects that are difficult to understand but they are not as technical as the people fears. There are many tools available to analyze and trace your digital marketing outputs. There are several evaluation tools that can give you insights into your efforts and results in a very organized manner which can help you improve.

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