Digital Marketing Essentials to Accompany Your Coding Efforts

digital marketing essentials to accompany your coding efforts
Code is the DNA of the internet. Knowing it and how to use it to create your vision is an incredibly useful tool that governments are trying to instill in their younger generations. For now, however, web designers are few and far between, allowing you to advertise and sell your services for a pretty penny. The more you can understand other marketing tools, however, the better you can create custom websites and digital tools that will harmonize with the marketing techniques of the day. That is why every computer scientist must know these top digital marketing essentials.

1. On-Page SEO to Remember

On-page SEO has changed dramatically since it first started. Today, ranking factors also take into account things elements such as site security and site speed. As a coder, this is where you come into play. You need to know what on-page factors Google will look for so that your web designs align with what search engines consider to be high quality.

2. The Importance of Content

The more ways your themes or sites can format content, the better. Unique formats are highly engaging, and they also offer more opportunities for Google to rank your clients highly. They should have the full range of traditional options as well as a few new ones, like the ability to put in titles and captions into images. As with everything, keep an eye on SEO news so that you can offer the best designs that will remain white-hat into the future.
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3. Add in White Label SEO

Off-site SEO will be beyond your capabilities as a web designer, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot offer it within your packages. Simply find an expert white label SEO reseller to take on the bulk of the work for you. You can then put your own logo on the generated progress reports and send them on to your client. This way, you can be an all-in-one solution for your clients without the extra added work.

4. The Use of PPC Marketing

For most web designers, PPC marketing doesn’t even sit on their radar. Why would it? PPC marketing is something your client can choose to invest in. It means they need to investigate keywords and decide which ones will provide the best ROI.

The secret, however, is that the landing page will determine how successful even the most comprehensive keyword research is. Your site needs to be beautiful, easy to use, and ideally customizable. It means that your design should allow your clients to change it up so that they can convert as many leads into sales as possible.

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Knowing how marketing works and, more importantly, what SEO practices are in use and allowed today can help you create a site that is built for success. Great looks and easy to use pathways are one thing, but actually adding in tools designed to work in conjunction with marketing and SEO efforts is another. Add on top of this white label services, and you can become an all-in-one agency that clients love to work with.

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