5 Easy Steps to Start a Digital Marketing Career

5 easy steps to start a digital marketing career
Are you thinking about starting a digital marketing career? It’s a great choice! There are a number of reasons why digital marketing is important in today’s world.

The good news is that you can learn digital marketing without following any of the courses at college or universities, although there are multiple options.

You can start a career in Digital Marketing by building and learning the required skills using online available resources and by serving clients around the world from the comfort of your bed.

Let’s cover some steps on how you can become a successful digital marketer.

  • Get to the basics

    For beginners in DM, the first, most obvious step is to understand what is digital marketing and the main components that make it up. DM or online marketing as it is sometimes referred to is a broad term that is used to describe the process of marketing on the internet and other digital platforms.

    It has a number of components that cover all areas of digital promotion. You need to understand that it’s not a single discipline but several channels that can appear in a digital marketing campaign.

    • Search Engine Marketing – Covers paid search advertising and search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Website Marketing – Promoting websites across the web.
    • Content Marketing – How to use different types of content in your campaigns.
    • Email Marketing – Advertising products of services using email.
    • Social Media Marketing – Marketing on various social media channels.
    • Mobile marketing – marketing on app stores.
    • Video marketing – marketing on YouTube, Vimeo and other video channels.
    • Affiliate Marketing – Making sales by promoting products and getting a commission.
  • Start your own website

    start a website as digital marketing
    Once you covered all the basics next step is to get your hands dirty and start doing and practicing the work. One of the major ways of applying various digital marketing concepts in the real world is to create your own website.

    DM is not a theoretical concept, it’s highly measurable and down-to-earth. Through your DM career, you’ll be asked to promote different kinds of websites to increase organic traffic or sales through PPC and social media advertising.

    Having your own website will help you learn about different concepts and you can use it to showcase and build a portfolio for any of the possible clients.

  • Get a Google Ads Certification

    One part of your job responsibility as a digital marketing consultant is going to be Google Ads to advertise products and services in the different google properties and websites online. The fastest way to acquire the required skills is to get a Google Ads certification.

    Google has an abundance of resources to aid you in becoming a Google AdWords Expert and nailing that certification by knowing the exam answers is a great way to prove to your clients or employers that you have the necessary skills.

    Master Facebook Advertising

    The next step is to start with social media marketing, especially Facebook Ads. As a digital marketing specialist, you are required to know how different social media networks work. Nevertheless, the majority of your budget and time will be spent on Facebook and Instagram.

    learn facebook advertising
    Facebook besides being the most popular social network is now one of the most important tools for any digital marketing campaign.

    Getting the organic reach and exposure is almost impossible, so the only way to get a share of that spotlight is by learning how to manage and use Facebook Ad Manager.

    Many of the concepts are similar to PPC but you still need to learn how to utilize the tool and research a bit on different Facebook policies.

  • Follow marketing experts

    By following some of the most successful marketing gurus you will start to adapt their techniques and methods alongside valuable tips on how to improve your marketing game.

Don’t forget to leave a meaningful comment and interact with the community, it will become useful in the long run!

To conclude

Digital marketing trends change all the time. Some marketers love it some hate it but it’s almost a fact that digital marketing is a fast-changing industry. You need to stay up-to-date with all the latest trends to keep yourself relevant for potential clients. Ready to start your first campaign? Let me know in the comments below.

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