How Can Newborn Affiliate Marketers Compete in 2019, Despite the competition?

how can newborn affiliate marketers compete 2019
If you plan to start your affiliate site in 2019, you probably need to conduct thorough study in your target industry before you get started. You need to know who are your competitors, do they have weak spots and more importantly, how long you can endure working your way to the top of your competitors provided you have limited timeframe and budget on hand.

Some newborn affiliate marketers don’t last a month because despite spending a few bucks in content development, link building, they run out of budget and they shut down their business just like that. To avoid this from happening to your business, you need to have a clear plan and different options to compete against your competitors despite being a newborn affiliate marketer and this article will have some of that to help you.

Target low competition keyword group

Going after the low competition keyword ideas for your affiliate blog can put you in the map of your target visitors. This will separate you from competing against established blogs in your target market and can give you a chance to grab a narrowed market.

For example, if you start an affiliate blog about smart door lock, you’ll have to compete with pcmag, tomsguide and even cnet who are already ranking in top 10 of search results. Imagine the time you’ll need to invest before you can stand a chance to even rank in top 10 results for smart door lock keyword.

Instead, focus on something related to that industry but not directly going to compete with those blogs mentioned above. You can try, door handles or deadbolt. These two different products may be undervalued but if you talk about global search, you’ll be surprised to see how many people search for these:

Each parent topic can be a good affiliate blog topic and can give you good results if you do everything right throughout the entire affiliate project.

Focus on publishing educational content

When I say educational content it doesn’t mean your common how to topic. It’s something that will cover all available common questions that  a normal person will have in mind when they talk about a certain topic. Going back to door handles topic, you can write a post of comparison about door knob and door lever, their prices, what they are made of, which one is durable etc, you get the idea.

educational content is good marketing
Whenever you publish a new post post, make sure that all information and common questions will be included in your content to ensure that when people search for it, you’ll article will be ready for it and that’s will give you a chance to rank in at least in different keyword opportunities for a single topic.

Penetrate all available marketing channels based on your business

While you’re doing affiliate blog for a particular niche, don’t just limit blog in contextual type. If your competitors are doing video marketing on Youtube, it’ll be your weak spot if you don’t include it to your marketing channel.

Google’s universal search results include videos, images and other content type that you can get traffic from. Imagine if you are not included in all type of search results when your target audience search for a keyword you’re targeting? Your competitors might steal them away on the spot.

Track your data consistently for opportunities

Last but not the least, tracking your progress how are you doing in your affiliate blog is very important. You can use Google Analytics to see your data and identify what you need work on to improve. To give you an idea, how long do your visitors spend on your affiliate blog? Do they go from one page to another or where are your visitors coming from. All these information will give you a better indication if your efforts are being paid off or wasted.

track marketing data
Once you have determined the result of your efforts, you can make adjustments and improve what needs to be done if necessary. It’s an ongoing development you must always pay attention to at least once a month or every quarter of the year so you can have enough data to analyze.

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