How to create online market research surveys

how to create online market research surveys

Every business needs to understand how to reach their goals and whether they are doing the right activities to achieve them. To do this, you can use different techniques, some cheaper and faster than others. Among these are the online surveys, that are carried out using a survey software such as that of the IdSurvey website, with a high degree of customization. Surveys can help a company get more sales opportunities, increasing customer satisfaction. It can serve as a tool for carrying out market research without having to invest in extra resources. By automating the processes, it is possible to eliminate human error, as the answers are entered directly into the database without a person having to do it manually.

Why create an online survey

A survey can be of great help to a company to collect information regarding the opinions on a product, the type of communication, the expectations of users. Thanks to this feedback it is possible to plan a targeted marketing strategy, in order to find new but safe ways to satisfy customers. To create a survey, you need to start with a structured questionnaire, choose a specific target to obtain more precise answers and useful opinions for the growth of a company. An online survey is used to analyze the behavior and expectations of users, in order to identify the profile of the target to consequently create a strategic marketing activity.

The online surveys developed with a survey software are used to define the target audience of a company, understand whether certain products or services may please customers, identify the preferences of the public, measure the performance of marketing activities. All this is essential for growing the business of a company, because without monitoring the data it is not possible to understand if you are on the right path.

Different types of surveys

Based on the goal you want to achieve, you can choose to create a specific survey. Not all are the same; the information obtained changes according to the questions processed. Here are the types of surveys you can create:

Market research: to have valid opinions on the quality and price of a product or service, by making a survey on customer purchasing trends you can develop a questionnaire on media consumption, fashion trends or the behavior of consumers.

Customer experience: to understand if customers are satisfied, you can get ratings on customer service, website navigation, corporate image, the purchase process, and much more.

Brand reputation: to understand if the brand image is clear, how corporate identity can be improved, and what the positive and negative thoughts are.

In addition to these surveys, a questionnaire can be created for the development of a new product or service, to obtain demographics, to understand consumer behavior, and much more.

How to create your first survey

It may seem difficult the first time you create an online survey, but it really comes to just a few steps you need to take to make the process easier. It always starts with the definition of objectives, as in any marketing strategy, trying to understand what information you want to obtain. Then, it is about elaborating clear and precise questions. Once this work has been done, the layout must be created, so that it is optimized for each device. After sponsoring it through corporate channels, it will be possible to analyze the results based on the answers obtained. The last step is to refine the marketing strategy, adding changes based on user suggestions. To be successful, you have to take care of every step, without ever forgetting to involve the public.

Why use a survey software

Survey software can help a company develop effective questionnaires quickly and easily. In addition to making it easier to design them, you can send the same survey to tons of people, in different languages ​​and in multiple channels. The process is fully automated so no one will have to act personally to transfer the data. This is a great advantage because it eliminates human error. Obviously, the more people participate in the survey, the more useful responses will be well received, so sponsoring it on social media is essential. The answers in survey software are collected and stored, ready to be analyzed in real-time.

Every company should invest in custom software to have more reliable answers and decrease market research costs. In a short time, you can get valuable information from the audience you want to address. In this way, you can modify a product or service to meet the customer’s expectations. Without a valuable audience that keeps purchasing certain products and services, the sales of a company decline, so it is essential to take into account the opinions of customers, both new and established ones.

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