5 Great And Easy Ways To Get More Email Subscribers

how to get more email subscribers
A large mailing list is crucial to the success of any marketing campaign. But how do you get people to sign up for your mailing list anyway? Here’s a couple great and easy ways to get more email subscribers.

1. Offer Special Deals

Of course, the content in your newsletter should be interesting in and of itself. But some users need a little extra push. Offer special deals to email subscribers, or enter them in a monthly giveaway based on their email list signup. It’s a great way to encourage users to sign up and get them engaging with your content. Just make sure the prizes are interesting to your target demographic. A sample box of your product or a gift card to your shop is a great way to snag subscribers that are interested in picking up what you’re putting down.

2. Promote Your Mailing List

You need to remind and encourage potential subscribers that your service exists by promoting the heck out of your mailing list. This dovetails perfectly with offering something in return, since you can promote the winner of the giveaway while encouraging recent users to sign up. For example, you might post something like this on Facebook: “John J. just won a $50 to our custom shop in this month’s giveaway. If you want a chance to win, sign up for our mailing list today!”

Public appearances or events can also gather new subscribers, so take full advantage of in-person enthusiasm with a printed mailing list signup sheet.

This promotion should also include an incredibly prominent and appealing sign-up form. If you’re not sure how to build a signup form, websites like 123ContactForm.com can help you build an embedded form in an instant.

Just be wary of using a popover sign up box. Many users find these extremely offensive. And even if they are effective, you might be getting emails of people who really don’t want to be on the list, but just want to dismiss the popup box somehow. That’s not the audience you want to capture, however. Your email list isn’t simply about quantity: quality matters as well.

3. Sign Up New Accounts

If a user makes a new account on your site, that’s a great time to encourage them to sign up for your newsletter. If someone takes the time to make a username and password for your store or service, they’re clearly interested in what you offer.

Of course, you absolutely should not make it mandatory, and nor should you use so-called “dark patterns” to trick users into subscribing. With such tricks, you’ll increase the size of your mailing list, but you’ll find your unsubscribes shoot up and your users won’t be as interested in your content. You might even be violating the terms of service for your mailing list provider by signing up users without sufficient consent.

4. Unlock Additional Content

Many bloggers give an additional incentive for mailing list signups in the form of additional content. Consider writing an informative ebook or whitepaper and locking it behind an email signup. Then, encourage users to get their free ebook at every opportunity. Make sure this is high-value content, and not just rewritten blog posts that they could get elsewhere. It should be highly relevant, powerful information that your target audience will appreciate.

Make the sign up reward sound as appealing as possible. “A whitepaper” doesn’t sound that great, but “An exclusive 44-page whitepaper full of crucial lessons that helped me grow my business” sound much more appealing.”

5. Create Exclusivity

email marketing
If someone is interested in your business, they’ll want to hear about your new events, products and offerings. You might let email subscribers get an “edge” by receiving this information early, or offering “email only” online events to your subscribers.

For example, let’s say you sell makeup online. You might have a “subscribers only” demo of your new product live on YouTube. If users know they’ll get something special and exclusive in return for their email address, they’re far more likely to sign up. If you’re a blogger, you might offer email subscribers early access to new content, or provide unique content all together that only subscribers can get.


Growing your email list is an essential part of improving your business’ marketing impact. With a email list filled with interested, eager clients, you’ll be able to reach out to your best customers whenever you want. Take care of focus on quality over quantity, keeping unsubscribes low and growing your list modestly at first. If you use these strategies effectively, you’ll see your list size grow along with your business.

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