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9 Tips For Creating Great Content

You might think that the design attracts visitors in the first place, which is true, but it increases the effectiveness of the content and slogans. Great content is the real key to the success of any site. This is what attracts visitors and makes them visit your website again and again. We have prepared tips on making your content attractive not only for readers but also for search engines.

Solve Human Problems

Content that solves people’s problems will be valuable and have a vast amount of social media shares. Why is this happening? Let’s take an example. The student is busy with work and does not have time to manage written assignments.

He surfs the Internet with the words “do my essay” and finds a website post that says how professional writers can help solve academic assignments. By turning to experts, students will benefit from practical benefits. They repost so as not to lose information.

Quality content is helpful content. If you can solve the visitor’s problem, you are on the right step. This is how content should be.

Make a Bright Headline

No matter how helpful content you make, if no one reads your headlines, don’t expect your content to go viral! How to create an attractive headline? Here are some helpful tips:

  • Use numbers. Example: “6 Tips How To Improve Sales Of A Product Or Service.”
  • Give readers new information. Example: “How To Achieve Success With Advertising On Instagram?”
  • Ask an interesting question. Example: “How To Unscrew An Account On Instagram Using Free Tools?”
  • Tell me how to do something. Example: “10 Tips on How to Publish Posts Correctly.”

Get Ideas From Pop Culture

You can search for content ideas from pop culture. Find out what news is in the lives of stars, follow the latest events in the world, make a list of hits that occupy top places in radio charts, create a list of films that all people are waiting for. By writing in a creative genre about the latest innovations, you can grab the attention of readers.

Nitzan Zimmerman uses this technique. Every day he browses 1,000 websites, picking news that many people are interested in. Creating unique content attracts tons of traffic, and readers come back more than once to feed the brain with new information.

Emotions are the Basis of Viral Content

If you want your content to go viral, create an article that evokes emotion and inspiration in the reader. Suppose a person has an opinion on a particular issue, but to prove that he is right, he needs facts or ideas of one-minded people.

When looking for information, a person will stumble upon your article, which perfectly supports his view. Because a person has a desire to express himself, he will share the post on social networks. A person would never create a post in ordinary life, but ready-made information will give him confidence and inspire him to tell his subscribers about it.

So if you haven’t figured out how to create great content yet, use this idea – publish stories that touch on people’s basic needs. You can share a motivational story about how garbage is bad for the air or why the world needs to conserve resources. There are many ideas – your goal is to evoke emotions and not leave the person indifferent to the topic.

Content is Not Just Texts

There is a lot of content on the Internet, and it is not just about texts. For example, you can fill your blog with comics, infographics, photos, videos, and podcasts. Study your target audience and determine which type of content gets the most attention. This can be done using tools that show how often readers have visited a page and what information has been viewed or shared.

See Through the Eyes of the Visitor

Want to create unique content? Take a look at your blog, product, service through the eyes of a visitor. Your managers, who most often interact with customers or readers, can help you with this. Knowing what the reader cares about will give you a thousand ideas for content.

When creating a new post or article, answer customer objections or questions. For example, some company knows how to prove to the client that a text needs revision. This is what will be good content that you want to share!

Structure Your Article

Regardless of the size of the article, the basic structure should look like this:

  • Introduction + annotation.
  • The central part is to fulfill the promises you made in the introduction.
  • Completion – take stock and conclude.
  • Call to Action – Tell the reader what to do next. Comment? Read the next article?

Continue working on the main text within the framework of the created structure. Segment the text and move its constituent parts to the appropriate section. This approach will significantly improve your productivity and content quality.

Make sure your subheadings are specific but broad enough to convey the following 200-500 words to the reader. Add subheadings, illustrations, graphics, quotes. This will bring your story to life and make reading much more accessible.

Create Original Content

To find inspiration for writing an original article, you can visit websites with low traffic but interesting information or newsgroups to adapt to the reader’s interests. Do not copy information from these sources since this is considered plagiarism, which is not very good for the blog’s reputation. See what hooks writers use and apply them in the article. Reframe the information in other words. Otherwise, search engines will not include you in the rankings.

Engage Users – Run Contests

Contests are an excellent way to grab the attention of your audience and get new subscribers. It would help if you informed about the contests to existing subscribers and on social networks. Place your ad:

  • In a popular blog or mass social media groups.
  • In partner stores or websites.
  • Using contextual advertising services.
  • In offline sources.

Suppose you are a photographer and publish various articles about the life of a photographer, exciting poses, and behind the scenes. Conduct a contest “How my advice helped you create interesting photos.” Ask people to share photos on social media with which hashtag and website mentions. As a prize, you can donate a photo session or a free posing workshop.

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