How to Promote Health-Related Services Online

online medical marketing tips guidesDigital marketing benefits a whole range of industries. From finance to transportation, you can bet that companies are investing a great deal in terms of promoting their products and services online.

Core services, in particular, are looking towards social media and the internet for a better way to connect with their audiences. At best, these services make use of a variety of online platforms to attract the right people. In the health industry, digital marketing isn’t something that’s new. Ever since the rise of Facebook and Twitter, and well before that, the internet has already been an avenue through which healthcare institutions can generate leads.

Today, at least, medical marketing online remains as an important factor in the successes of pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer and treatment facilities such as The Recovery Village. This has something to do with how healthcare clients currently seek the services they want. In fact, statistics on medical marketing as provided by Pew Research shows that at least 72 percent of internet users go online to seek information about drugs, rehab and treatment facilities, and other essential medical topics.

From this alone, we can only expect healthcare providers to be more aggressive in their marketing campaigns. After all, when you have a life-saving solution to share to the world, it is best to make everyone aware of it.

For healthcare startups, here are some essential ways to make sure your products and services get noticed online.

Publish technical papers

If you are targeting consumers, this strategy isn’t for you. Unless of course you want to tap larger hospitals and clinics, then you might want to provide detailed information about your offers. White papers and the like can actually help you win contracts with private or public institutions. All you need to do is to compose a well-researched paper about the merits of your products and services.

Build your social media identity

Aside from focusing on your core websites, you also need to craft your own identity through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Sure it’s odd for healthcare services to promote through these channels; but, considering that almost everyone has a social media account should be enough to convince into building a social media presence. You can start by creating a Facebook page and producing content that has viral potential. For this, you can think along the lines of shareable infographics or links to videos you have made. And speaking of videos…

Create a YouTube Channel

You can never go wrong with using video as a main vehicle for promoting your products and services. YouTube, in this way, can help you win over new clients by way of publishing tutorials or informational content. No doubt that involves a great deal of money to produce a single YouTube video. But creating content that resonates with you target audience can raise your sales. What’s more, healthcare clients (particularly those at the bottom of the chain) want you to simplify things for them, and what better way to do just that than to show them how.

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