Ideas for Thanking your Customers and Increasing Their Loyalty

ideas-for-thanking-your-customers-and-increasing-their-loyaltyBeing thankful for what you have is the right way to get more. It can be applied to almost all sides of our life. But what is more, the same principle works in business: thank your clients for their loyalty and it will pay off.

There are many ways to thank customers but most of them are not so obvious and thus used rarely. I will give you some ideas that will help you to build good relations with your existing and potential clients. Read on to find them out.

Say thank you for subscribing

Your business uses different ways to connect with customers and email marketing is one of the most effective ones. The more people subscribe to your news, the bigger your community becomes.

So you have created an appealing subscription form, highlighted all the bonuses it provides, added some pop-ups according to best practices… what else? The next step is to thank each person for adding his email to your list. These days people don’t like sharing personal details including their email addresses, so the fact that they shared it with you is worth your gratitude.

Say thank you for sharing

Sharing your product on social networks means spreading a word about you which leads to your brand awareness. Why not thank your customers for that? You can reply to their tweet about you on Twitter, or comment their post on Facebook. Just don’t take their support for granted, show you care.

Say thank you for purchase

This may seem quite obvious but is still worth mentioning. Don’t be too formal with your clients by just confirming their purchase and providing its details. Thank them for choosing your store and for making purchase with you!

You can do this in different ways: for example, you can create a Thank you page which will show up once the payment is made; or you can add words of gratitude to your transaction emails. You can also think of other methods and combine them!

Say thank you for review

That’s great when customers share their opinion about your product and overall experience of purchasing from you. Say thank you for taking time and doing that, show you appreciate their effort.

Customer reviews are sales drivers as they help potential customer to get firsthand information from your existing clients. So leaving reviews should definitely be awarded.

Say thank you for returning

Customer retention policy is important for your marketing and sales. Of course, you should put efforts in obtaining new clients, but don’t forget about old ones.

Thank old clients for returning to your shop to make their shopping experience more personal.

Say thank you for being part of your community

This point is closely connected with the previous one. Being part of a community means being treated in a special way. Be grateful to your community members for being with you.

You can also enhance customer experience by introducing a loyalty program with different bonuses from your store. But it’s a matter of a separate post.

Summing up

Be honest when thanking customers and don’t ask for anything in return. That’s great when you can personalize this experience by inserting the customer’s name (e.g. in emails).

That’s hard to build good relations, but it’s even harder to maintain them. Being thankful will help you do this.

Thanks for reading!

Author Bio: Kristina is a marketing manager and SEO specialist at Amasty, a company that develops high-quality Magento extensions. Amasty priority is complete customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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