SendPulse: A Robust Platform for Automating your Marketing

It is easy to start a business, but it is extremely difficult to maintain it at a later stage. In order to sustain in the business, you have to depend on various marketing tools such as Emails, SMSs, Web Push Notifications, and much more. These mediums help in remarketing your old customers and simultaneously generating new leads for flourishing your business. On paper, it seems like a cakewalk, but when it comes to their execution, even the most passionate businesses fail. This is where SendPulse comes in handy.

sendpulse robust platform for automating your marketing
SendPulse is an affordable, fast and reliable medium to send newsletters, email campaigns, web push notifications, emails using SMTP, etc. These services can considerably help in the growth of your blog, business and most importantly increase your brand awareness by the effective use of email marketing. You can use this tool for sending daily newsletters and broadcasting important announcements to your existing and/or prospective customers over email. However, that’s not it, as you can also use SendPulse for sending SMSs and push notifications. You just need to have the subscriber’s mobile number to send the SMS. Let us now briefly discuss the Drag-and-drop editor of SendPulse.

Drag-and-drop editor:

SendPulse helps you create unique and colorful templates with its amazing drag-and-drop editor. The best aspect of this editor is that you don’t even have to be a professional designer for creating templates. You can create a brand new email within 30 minutes, even if you are using this editor for the first time. Isn’t it amazing?

The primary principle of this editor is a bunch of blocks, which you get to drag and drop to your desired place. The main elements of the editor can be seen on the left side of the screen. An interesting aspect of this editor is that irrespective of the template created in this builder, you can properly view it at any desired screen resolution. You can even create email templates using the regular HTML editor or upload a new template through a file, URL, or simply by pasting the template’s HTML code.

sendpulse editor

Subscription Form Generator:

Filling subscription forms is an extremely mundane and tiring job, which is hated by a majority of people willing to subscribe to your newsletters. The primary rule of newsletter subscription is convenience. In subscription form generation of SendPulse, you can create the desired form easily using any number of fields, text elements, and color scheme. The responsiveness of this subscription form makes it standout from the rest. Apart from this, you also have an option personalize the forms by addressing your customers by their name, and make them feel special.

If you are looking out for an all-inclusive platform, which can easily handle your online marketing requirements such as email, web push and SMS, then SendPulse could be an ideal solution for meeting your expectations. With third party integration subscription forms, an immensely powerful email editor, and most importantly a highly advanced AI for boosting open rates, this robust and user-friendly platform is all you would want for the growth of your business.

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