How to Use Instagram Proxies to Test Your Marketing Ideas

instagram app used with proxies
When it comes to testing marketing ideas, there is no better medium than using Instagram proxies and multiple accounts to spread different messages at the same time. In this way, you can get real-time data about your audiences. That’s why you can use proxies for Instagram both for promoting products and for performing marketing research.

And more often than not, marketing research can reveal trends in the market that lead to higher returns. One way of performing marketing research is to create customer personas (or as some marketers call them buyer personas).

This is a simple process: you need to enumerate traits that your ideal customer or client should have.

Where Instagram proxies come into play

instagram proxy server
You might wonder where do proxies for Instagram come into play when creating your buyer persona. Well, these proxies are used only for testing your different marketing ideas about your potential buyer personas.

So, instead of creating a hypothetical persona, you can test your ideas and get real feedback, from actual potential customers. Here are the reasons why you should use your proxies to test your marketing ideas.

You get real feedback to real people

With the help of proxies for Instagram, you can manage multiple accounts at the same time and automate them to reach more followers.

You start expanding your reach to a broader audience. And once you have developed it, you can begin performing multiple split tests to find your best message to reach your ideal buyer persona. The benefit here is more significant because you will conduct this research not in an office, with a focus group, but with actual potential buyers.

Rapid results

Besides getting real results, you will also get them fast, in a quick way. All these thanks to using Instagram proxy services, that allow you to run multiple accounts and multiple tests at the same time.

So you do not need to wait for one test to finish to start another one. The speed of getting results back is fantastic.

Adjust while-on-the-go (in a split second)

Like other social networks, Instagram is an organic platform. It transforms itself and changes every few minutes, all thanks to user-generated content.

Now, when using proxies for Instagram and managing multiple accounts to perform marketing research, you can tweak, change, adjust your campaign setups on the go. There is no need to stop your whole campaign to change something.

Thanks to social media automation tools, you can manage and perform changes to your accounts in bulk. Thus, if you need your campaign to shift focus, so you can gather data on a particular topic or issue, you can do it in a matter of seconds or minutes.

And once done so, you can get real feedback almost instantly.

Feedback confirmation

feedback confirmation with proxies for instagram
You get real results, you get them fast and you can tweak them in a split second. All these benefits bring this one: feedback confirmation.

The feedback loop is complete with the help of Instagram proxies. You get everything in real-time, even the confirmation of your changes. So you can always adjust your marketing research until you find your perfect buyer persona.

Fast marketing implementation

fast marketing implementation
Once you get all your data and you have profiled your buyer persona, you can also quickly implement your marketing campaigns. And if you continue using your accounts connected through Instagram proxies, you will have a broad audience, that you already know is responsive to your products and content.

A final word

Do not think that Instagram proxies are used only for automation and promotion. Above, you saw that you could also use them to perform marketing research to generate the ideal buyer persona. Once you have created your potential buyer’s profile, you can quickly implement your strategy and campaign to your already existing audience.

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