6 Reasons To Turn Your Shop Into An Online Store

reasons to turn your shop into an online storeOnline shopping is easy – its large popularity within the past few years, is a huge reason why the retail industry has been suffering for a while. (To some people that’s a good thing.) The convenience of shopping online doesn’t benefit only shoppers, though. Many retail businesses now offer online shopping as well (Walmart). A big reason is because eCommerce stores are profitable. (If you do it right.)

Let’s look at other major reasons you need might need to become an eStore.

Nothing To Carry

Everyone knows the hassle of carrying 4 or 5 bags. (Or worse, a giant electric appliance that takes 1-3 people to carry). Your customers undoubtedly feel the same as you, and are probably tired of carrying products themselves. Taking your brick & mortar store online prevents peoples’ frustration of carrying all their loads. When they order from you online, and you ship it to their listed address, they will most likely feel comfortable ordering from you in the future again. (That sounds like it puts you above your local competitors, doesn’t it?)

How To Become An Authority Strangers Respect

Big league content marketers Neil Patel, Jorden Roper, John Carlton are all content creators who know the value of providing readers with an experience. (In fact, John Carlton is a legendary copywriter who has made millions of dollars writing ads for Men’s Health.)

By turning your eCommerce store into a content-filled “information portal” in your chosen industry/niche, you become an authority. People trust authority figures who demonstrate their expertise. You also have the chance to upload informative and entertaining videos and written content that help educate people about their selections. This brands you as a trustworthy business worth visiting again and again. (As well as keeping you relevant in today’s fast-pace world.)

Available 24/7

Because online stores rely on the internet, ecommerce shopping carts let you make money while you sleep. This is called passive income, and it is taking over the world right now. (Sadly, not many people are willing to put in the elbow grease upfront to make the “automatic money” later down the road.) Since you’re online, you don’t need to pay people 9+ hours a night shift or take care of any graveyard problems.

Refunds Are Easier

online refund easier eshopBuying in-store products is a two-way street. While some stores offer a full-refund guarantee, there are usually hidden stipulations – and returning the products themselves can be a hassle. (Some stores don’t even give you the option of refunds.) Don’t give your customers these headaches; offering your customers online refunds gives them the opportunity to make informed buying decisions. Which ends up putting more money in your pocket, because people appreciate not being rushed when it comes to making decisions.


As an online retailer, the products you’re selling are (hopefully) near and dear to your heart. Your ideal customers are (hopefully) people who share your passion and love. This is an opportunity to forge new friendships and relationships with people you may never have been able to before. (Who can say no to a friendship with a like-minded person who feels so strongly about the same things as you?)

Online Presence

Forbes revealed that some small businesses preferred growing on social media than opting to build a full-blown website. Whether you have a LinkedIn, Facebook or your own website, the point is clear: you’re establishing yourself in your customers lives, building a relationship with them that separates you from the cold, calculating-robot demeanour of many national businesses. Steve Cody, co-founder of Peppercomm, takes it a step further by saying every public appearance or article quote you make shows up to whoever is searching for your name.


local shop to eshop transformationOnline stores are here to stay – but brick-and-mortar, in-person stores aren’t going anywhere soon. We still need to “get the feel” for products, ourselves, before buying them. However, providing an in-store and online experience is a wise business strategy I’ll bet your competitors aren’t thinking of. (Making it easier for you to sweep the profits next year.)

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