5 Cool Apps Every Wedding Planner Should Use

cool apps for wedding plannerDid you hear about the couple who got married in VR? It’s truly a new age of tech. There’s a reason why the Internet of Things grew exponentially in 2017. There’s more to “going digital” for your prenuptials than using e-vites, #hash-tagging on Twitter or Facebook. Apps make lives easier – that’s a fact.

However, planning weddings (whether or not you use a planner) can feel like a nightmare. They require total commitment, dedication, and a near-sacrifice of any social living at all (even though the end result… the marriage…is totally worth it). The struggles of wedding planning can take a serious toll on anybody – no matter how long they’ve been doing so. Here are 6 amazing apps that take the headache out of planning for the big day.

1. WeddingWire

Here you can find templates for your budget, tips on wedding etiquette, an enormous number of checklists, and more. WeddingWire also doubles as a database for vendors and venues (and even wedding websites). You can use this wedding planner app whether you’re a bride looking to plan yourself or a professional wedding planner.

2. Honeyfund

Available for iOS and Android, HoneyFund is a free honeymoon registry that utilises crowdfunding to give/receive wedding gifts, romantic vacations, weddings, honeymoons, and even charities. You can use a customisable wishlist, sync store registries, and have exclusive offers and discounts. Think of it as an Amazon wishlist for your wedding and honeymoon-specific needs.

3. WeddingHappy

WeddingHappy is an iOS app that lets you set (and stick to) a wedding timeline, fully customise your wedding plans, manage payments as well as dutifully organise your budget, and contact/keep track of vendors. WeddingHappy also has a “Recent Planning Activity” feature that acts like a public “post-it” board for anybody who has a hand in planning, making it much easier to remember who did what and when. You can even use the majority of the app off-line, should you find yourself in an area where there’s no wifi available.

4. myPantone

This colour management tool is for you if you ever need help finding colours that work well together. When you see a colour you don’t know the name of, or a certain palette that strikes your fancy, take a pic! myPantone will identify that colour and list complimenting recommendations (using the “PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM”). You can generate colour harmonies for dresses, nail polish, make up, even use it to mix-and-match your home!

5. AllSeated

Do you have trouble imagining which guests will sit where? Do you have literally no time to visualise and organise seating arrangements? AllSeated may be able to help you – provided that you already have your venue selected. Simply take a pic of your venue, send it to AllSeated, and you’ll “magically” see a 3D version of your space. You can digitally set up chairs, bars, furniture and tables anywhere within your 3D graphic – which you can also share with caterers, DJ and rental companies so they’ll know precisely where they can set up, too.


make wedding easier with appsNow you have absolutely no reason for paperwork (at least when it comes to designing organising your wedding). Special information or inspirational posters/images won’t be lost. These aren’t the only apps you should consider, though, as there are virtually dozens of apps you can use at your disposal. Whether you’ve hesitated to use apps to plan your wedding or simply didn’t know which one to choose from, I hope your options are a bit more clearer now.

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