Searching Corporations in Your State

Determine Legitimacy

How do you know whether or not a business is “above the board”,and legitimate, especially as more businesses exist online? You want to be sure that whenever you’re working with any business, or considering whether or not you might work with a given business, that you know all you can.

When you do a search online for internet or brick-and-mortar organizations that pass themselves off as legitimate but are not, you’re likely to find that such scam artists won’t be on certain vetted sites which specialize in listing professional corporate entities.

Why Search Online About Legitimate Businesses

search online business legitimacyBut this isn’t the only reason you may go online and conduct a search on a given site. Additionally, you may be looking to source certain important bits of data like EINs. LLCs, facts about small businesses—you name it, the information you need is probably online; but if you’re not using a database, good luck finding it.

Generally, having an online presence today is essential to business. As a result, you can almost always find the information you seek through a Google search. But if you’re not using a site which consolidates corporations, LLCs, etc., you can be “treading water”, as it were, for a very long time.

Simplifying Searches

Unless you know a business owner personally, you really don’t want to make any business mergers, decisions, or similar partnerships without getting as much information as you can beforehand.

Thankfully, there are sites available today which make it relatively simple to get such information without having to comb through numerous websites entirely unrelated to the data you need.

According to, performing a California corporation search is easily done online; there you can: “…find information on any corporation or business entity in California or another state by performing a search on the Secretary of State website of the state or territory where that corporation is registered.”

Internet Fraud Reigns

internet fraudBoth on the internet and ribn-person,there are definitely scams out there that can hoodwink individuals with seeming legitimacy. One very popular scam in-person scam is to tell people there’s a training program which involves door-to-door selling of a given service on straight commission. The idea of the scam is to use motivated personnel to obtain free labor.

Did you know that internet fraud has become so widespread today that it has come to be called CaaS? CaaS is “Cybercrime as a Service”. This is a billion dollar a year industry which revolves around tricking people into giving money to false organizations. Additionally, CaaS often strong arms businesses out of money through things like ransomware.

When you can check businesses out through vetted sites, then you can know no CaaS angle is at play. There is an additional time advantage. Find the right site, and you’ll then be able to rule out certain businesses without having to waste a lot of time comparing different testimonials against one another.

Vetted Legitimacy

If the business you’re searching for is on the site, you know it’s legitimate. If it isn’t, you know it’s not. You’ll know the right database because it will include information on multiple organizations. These will be available on a state-by-state basis. Different states have different laws, regulations, and listings.

In America, you want such a database to have local chapters, as not only will it be more likely to include all the information you’re looking for, it will be more likely to conform to idiosyncrasies as they exist between states.

Today you can’t be too careful about anyone, so be sure and do your homework. This is most cohesively accomplished through organizations that have set themselves specifically to this task.

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