7 Ways to Create Your Website for Your Cellphone Accessories

7 ways to create your website for your cellphone accessoriesNowadays, the majority of the population has a smartphone. And a smart businessman will know how to use this technological wave to his advantage.

One kind of business that boomed with the advent of smartphones is the designing of phone cases. These trendy accessories come in a variety of designs.

But what exactly is the best way of running a business out of these cellphone cases? Certainly, one of the best ways is through e-commerce. Selling your products online through a website is a convenient and efficient way to go as well.

Guide to creating your website

In this guide, you will learn some tips on how to create your own cellphone casing website:

1. Create a platform.

You want to choose the best platform for your cellphone case website. As a result, the top platforms we recommend are either Shopify or WordPress with WooCommerce. Shopify may provide less setting up and more convenience, but it also costs more in the long run. Thus, using Word with WooCommerce is the more economic solution.

2. Setup your WordPress site.

Once you have bought your own domain name and hosting, you are now able to setup using WordPress. Also, this means choosing the right title of your website, with a functional tagline to follow.

3. Setup your WooCommerce.

Run the setup wizard in your WooCommerce setup page. Adjust the necessary forms such as shopping cart forms. Afterwards, adjust your payment methods for buying your cellphone cases.

4. Add best case products.

This is the fun part. Go to the ‘Products’ page and press ‘Add New’. This will allow you to setup the products you want to sell. It is recommended that you sell your best cellphone case designs first. Lastly, add them to the list by inputting their title, and description. Be sure to also place categories when selling to simplify the customer experience. Perhaps you can categorize your phone cases by their bright and dark colors, or seasonal value.

5. Customize your WP Theme.

In your cellphone case website, you are the boss. You decide exactly how it will look like to your visitors. Also, you might want to find a theme that melds well with your cellphone cases. This might include themes that are about technology or space.

6. Install other plugins.

Once you have finished all the necessary extensions for your website, you want to add a few accessory plugins as well. Most of them are absolutely free and quite helpful for your business. Plugins such as Google Analytics are great for analyzing your number of visitors and where they come from.

7. Market your website.

Now that you have a great functioning website, you want to do your best that it everyone sees it. Find places online that are likely filled with your target audience. Facebook is a great place to start, and it’s completely free. Begin sharing posts about your website and what products it sells. Also, you can also buy ads if you do not mind spending a bit. Spending some cash can go a long way that many people see your cellphone cases.

Creating a website for displaying and selling cellphone cases can be a lucrative and fulfilling venture. Hopefully, you found this guide helpful in bringing that venture to a reality.

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